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I released my debut album in 2013, after being homeless, then living in the worst projects in Kansas City. I come from the suburbs and knew nothing about what I was experiencing. The things that I witnessed day to day caused me to reflect on everything I was going through. The LadyGun EP became just a part of what I did to heal during that time of reflection. Even though I am in such a different place in my life, my music, and being an artist is what I have been placed on the planet for! I'll never stop. You can listen HERE.

I moved to Los Angeles in late 2013 in hopes of "making it big". Like most of the folks who do this, I wound up on a bit of a different path. I definitely met with a couple of labels and even auditioned for some commercials and television shows. I also performed at a couple of open mics in Hollywood. Honestly, the best thing I did was start this blog - hands down! 

When I came back to Kansas City from Los Angeles, I continued to create. I also performed...more than I created. It felt really good to have my name on the bill next to hella people I admire. People I have watched on television in music videos and on award shows, just wondering if I'd ever have the opportunity to have a conversation and ask questions. I've this guy to thank for a lot of these opportunities. Thank you James McGee - YOU'RE AWESOME! Here I am warming up the crowd for Big Freedia, someone I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with before in a previous life when I was a college student in New Orleans. It's been amazing to see where Freedia's musical path has lead. So glad and honored to rock a show with Freedia in my hometown!

Here I am performing for Def Jam & Sony Red in Kansas City for the Big Heff tour. I really wanted to reach back and use some of that training I got studying opera all those years. So before I gave them AvaBella (2015), I gave them No Quiero Oh this was after my second big chop after coming back from LA. The song She Nice was on the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Top 50 Indie hosted by Wyclef. I wrote and produced this song. Pretty good for just starting out.

Here I am at the annual Black Public Relations Society Conference in Chicago. I am a member of BPRS Chicago and I've been able to learn so much, even from a distance, from these women and other members of BPRS! Can you believe that just 3 years before this I was living in public housing? Sometimes I can't. I am so blessed to have made a series of decisions to change my life. Little by little. Bit by bit. To Richelle (on the right), you were so warm and made me feel so welcome. I value every single brown man and woman of BPRS for giving me a little more to take the business of ME to the next level.

Here I am at a hotel in New Orleans. It was the first date after I joined a national tour to perform alongside James who was the tour opener for Kool Keith (2016). In this photograph I have on my Delgado SGA shirt and a "dope chain" given to me by my older sister. At this moment, I was kind of in disbelief that I was back in New Orleans, post-Katrina, doing a show. I had been in February of the same year, but I had not sung in New Orleans, where I started my professional music career, in many years. I was really in disbelief, but gosh this was an awesome night and an awesome experience. Another reminder that this is wha tI love to do. 

My future kings. My warriors. My reason. I never knew that I could do this by myself. Our life is so different than how I envisioned. Still, we are a FAMILY! Even that consists of just the 3 of us. My Summer & Fall give me the motivation that I need to keep it moving. When I don't feel like getting up, or if I begin to question why I am even still doing this... I remember that I told them that if they keep God first, work hard, and commit to their vision - they can do anything they want, and be anything they want to be! I don't want to lie to them, so I KEEP MOVING!

Sometimes lyrics come so quickly, I can't write them down... So what I do most days is record the free-flowing melodies and lyrics as they come. This particular day, I was in Los Angeles at the incomparable Tutty Gadson's home.  'Grandpa Tutty' how we will always know him, was originally from Kansas City, MO and made the move to California with his brother, drummer James Gadson. They are shining example of all that I hope to be as a musician from the home of the 18th & Vine Jazz District! This was one of the rare times someone caught me doing this... I kind of hate lol. I promise to release an actual music video in the coming months!

Here I am before our final performance of the Black Repertory Theater of Kansas City's Dreamgirls in Concert. This was in September of 2016 and my first theatrical performance in years. I am pictured here with our music director and two of the leads from the show. This was truly epic! Being part of this show was one of those gentle reminders that, yes, this is what I can do for the rest of my life, every day! I was fatigued, even got a little sick during the show, my feet and hips were hurting terribly by the end of opening night. Still, it was one of the most AMAZING experiences I've had as a singer...well now an actress and singer :).

My first single, Warrior Love Letter, written for my sons and all of the warriors everywhere.


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