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Wednesday, May 20, 2020MsAvaBella

It's been a while, right? And things are pretty friggen weird right now, huh?

Back to that in a minute...

I remember the last post here on ABIB and being so excited about being asked to share one of my favorite artist's new song and video. If you missed it, please check it out!

Melissa Ramsey | MsAvaBella | #OpenWeStand
My New Workspace

I also remember typing up the post over lunch at work to make sure that it got done, which I often had to do. For several years, that was my process for getting blog posts written. I took to writing posts for the blog over my lunch hour because, during the height of basketball season for my roommates(my two sons), the evening wasn't an option. Also, I was still in school, in the thick of my Data Science program(graduation class of 2020!) so I would alternate between my business writing, and working on homework. It really amazes me sometimes how I did it! I even worked overtime often on top of all of our busy schedules. I used to be so upset when that happened and I'd miss a game. Am I the only parent out there who doesn't feel like fast food is a weekday thing?

I digress. That could have been a whole rabbit hole.

Now, due to the pandemic, it's as if every groan was heard and now I get to homeschool. Notice I said, "get to". There was a time not long ago,  that I was researching K-12 online schools for the roommates. I believe there is a need for structure. I believe that in some situations, that is not what "educational" institutions provide. I believe they are in large part no different than a motor vehicle assembly plant installing ECU's. Like, there's almost always some sort of recall. That's one of the ways to describe my thoughts on the educational system. Again, coulda been a whole rabbit hole.

With that said, I am happy to be here. Whether it's the UNO best-out-of-3 tournaments we've had; just the 3 of us. Or some day's it's the joy of being able to actually cook them a meal. It's my belief that my first responsibility is to those closest to me. I've always thought that before I can open my laptop to write a word to you, I have to pour my experiences, perspective, and knowledge into the roommates first. Don't get me wrong, they are running through family packs of Oreo's in like 2 days; they're friggen family packs! I'm not buying anymore and fool me once... you can't; you know what he said.

Still, I am adjusting, reluctantly to the new normal. Like me, I am sure that you were not prepared for what is happening globally right now. We have never in our lifetime seen anything like this, and most of the world is just simply trying to find our way.

I just wanted to pop in to let you all know...

I am right there with you. I go through the waves of anxiety, creativity, doubt, sleeplessness, and do it all again the next day. Case and point, I have been trying to write this post since week three of social distancing. 

Most of my time during quarantine has been spent with a newfound desire to create YouTube videos, which I will be posting here as well. I decided to create tutorials of looks in my Quarantined With Bae series. I figure that since you have asked so many times over the years for me to share my process of how I create these makeup looks, I would go on and do that. This has been really fun and it also landed me a few brand collaborations wish I am so excited about. That brings me to my next upcoming topic; brand deals. I will be sharing videos and articles on how I have been so successful at landing these deals. 

If you have not already, go on and check out my new website where I will be hosting workshops, tips, and even more resources for creative brands, entrepreneurs, and organizations. I recently partnered with GoDaddy on their #OpenWeStand campaign, which is definitely a great resource for you as you adjust practices for your brand or even looking to launch your biz during COVID-19! It is more than possible to do so, and I see fantastic examples of this across the interwebs every day!

Please be on the lookout for my new videos on YouTube, follow my IG, and stay tuned for some awesome articles, and per the usual, super cool features here on the ABIB blog.

Talk to you soon,

(aka MsAvaBella)

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