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How Did I Start Making Money With This Blog? | #GetMoney #Monetization

Tuesday, May 19, 2020MsAvaBella

People always ask me how I did I MONETIZE SOCIAL MEDIA?

How do I get paid brand deals for my blogs and my Instagram?

Right before the quarantine started, I joined an influencer creator's group and this question has come up a few times after I posted my paid sponsored partner posts. This post is the brass tax list, but don't worry, I will break all this down over the next few weeks. EVERY. SINGLE. STEP!!

What did I do?

  1. Revamped my social outlets.
  2. Updated, both my professional website revising weekly, because I am a perfectionist), with case studies from my work with brands, and this site.
  3. Contacted brands directly.
  4. Refreshed all my profiles and connections on influencer platforms.
  5. Created a template partner request/sponsored post request that is easily and quickly updated.

The group members thought it was amazing that I was still able to obtain a brand partnership in the middle of a pandemic.

I'm not; I have taken a number of measures to grow my business during quarantine and they have all served me well!


If you are thinking that old methods still work when it comes to brand storytelling and marketing; you're sadly mistaken.

Companies should get creative in their approach to growth and their marketing plans; it's really a sink or swim situation right now.

If you're not utilizing influencer marketing as part of your strategy, then now is the time to start. Make this part of your budget, connect with influencers who are already sharing what similar products, or those who are niche influencers. We aren't hard to find.


You've got to take the steps to be visible.

You are a brand just like the organizations you're wanting to partner with.

If you want to monetize your brand, you have to be just as visible in an effort to do so, freshen up your outlets, join some social media groups, ask questions, and don't wait to get started!

Quarantine was a time to rest, reset, and refresh, not just physically but DIGITALLY. If you haven't already...


If you want me to show you how; you need to email me, hun: with the subject line 'SHOW ME'... I got time!

That's all for now...



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