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#IndieBossTALK Podcast Episode 6: Live Streaming Leveled Up My Brand!

Monday, January 14, 2019MsAvaBella

In this episode of the #IndieBossTALK podcast, I'm sharing how live streaming leveled up my brand, increased my event ticket sales, and helped me to sell books before my book went to print! 

If you're not using live streaming to increase your overall brand awareness, then you are missing out!

I just added live streaming to my marketing mix last year, and it has had a tremendous effect on my business as a whole.

When I first started live streaming in 2015, I was on another app that is actually now no longer in existence. I abandoned the idea of using live streaming once the app was no more and didn't start using it on Facebook until last year when I was promoting my monthly tasting series #SipLocalKC's launch. 

I forgot the power of live streaming... just look at how many people are using Facebook!

Yes, of course, I had my Eventbrite all set up, my automated emails, and I was posting the ticket links regularly across all of my social media platforms, but it wasn't until I was live streaming that I actually got those sales. 

While I was live streaming I would literally tell viewers to hop off my live stream and go to the link above the video and get their tickets. They would actually do it! That's when I remembered the power of live streaming.

HERE is the Telescope.tv Article I referenced in this episode.

Click below to listen to more on how I was able to 
crush my event and my overall brand with live streaming.

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