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#IndieBossTALK Podcast Episode 7: Narcism & Abuse In The Music Industry

Tuesday, January 22, 2019MsAvaBella

In this episode of the #IndieBossTALK podcast, I’m sharing my perspective on this taboo, swept under the rug subject. In recent weeks, we have had more conversations regarding this subject. Whatever your point of view; this is a problem in the industry as a whole, especially in the music industry. So many gifts have been silenced because of it. Let's talk about it! Thanks for listening! 

Show Description: Creative business how-to for today’s entrepreneur and IndieBosses everywhere! Each Tuesday, join Melissa ‘AvaBella’ Ramsey as she dissects the many layers of being an Author, artist, mom, and MUSICpreneur, and shares stories of fellow IndieBosses worldwide. Whether you want to learn more about entrepreneurship, navigating how to build your brand, or leveling up your side hustle, this is the podcast for you. 

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