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New AvaBella Music: Black + Gold (The Lead Single)

Thursday, December 13, 2018MsAvaBella

2018 has brought me some of the greatest heartaches, but it has also been the year that I stretched beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I have challenged myself, but most importantly, I loved myself this year. I left a seven-year relationship that was equal parts verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. I'm still healing. It seems like it was a lifetime and I am positive that I made the best decision for myself. A lot of times when you are a creative vessel, you are a magnet for vultures - it's par for the course. I am not only a creative, but I love incredibly deeply. I'm not ashamed of that.  I believe that when you love someone, you should love them deeply. I just feel like people should strive to love one another as God loves us; we should strive to see people how God sees us. 

Most people can't handle that kind of love. Most people can't handle that kind of sight. They spend too much time being burdened by things you'll never begin to understand. They do this instead of allowing that kind of love and sight to be the vessel which heals them beyond their pain and trauma that they've experienced - so they wind up passing it on. You know that saying 'hurt people, hurt people'?

Well, I don't know exactly who hurt you, King, I'll still call you that even though you never showed me that. I understand that you have abandonment issues, I understand everything you said about your mother, all of this issues with your father; how you hate to be alone, but I didn't love you like them or anyone in your past.

My love was pure.

This is how it all went down...


A true story of fairytales lies and lost love...

Sometimes love is a many splendid occurrence. 

A life-long treasure to behold. 

Other times, it's made of fable, folklore, lie, and fairytale.

Sometimes you can ignore all the warning signs.
Sometimes late nights bleed into days.
Sometimes a warm car
ess becomes a balled up fist; 

kind words can't be found when there's broken glass everywhere 

leaving scars in its wake.

Sometimes you can willingly give love 

in exchange for nothingness and the mask removes itself.

I present...

Black+Gold Pt. 1

AvaBella's long-awaited, highly-anticipated follow-up to her 2012 debut, the LadyGun EP is FINALLY here!

The Black + Gold story is a look inside a woman's heart in the aftermath of betrayal, dishonesty, and pain.

In this emotion-filled true story, Ava conveys a hindsight look at love throughout the album.

Take a listen to part one, the Black + Gold single.

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