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Tuesday, July 17, 2018MsAvaBella

Consider this post a little bit of a life update... I didn't mean to be gone this long; I promise! A lot of amazing things have transpired along with a lot of long overdue focus, much-needed healing, and constant energy cleansing. I appreciate you still being here. I promise that my time away has been good for me, therefore making me better for you! If you're interested in reading all about where I've been, new developments, and everything that's been going on; keep on reading!

I decided to go back to work

About a year ago, I decided to fix my life (minus Iyanla). During this time, I decided to press pause on all things including the recording sessions for my new album, taking on marketing and design clients, and I also decided to return to work. I wound up actually getting 3 jobs at once: I bartended, I worked front desk at a hotel, and I worked at a family law firm. You read that right! I worked 3 days a week at the law firm and then another 40 hours of bartending and working the front desk at the hotel. Some days, I actually worked at the firm, the front desk and bartended, simultaneously. I feel like it was the best decision I could have ever made. 

I lasted several months on this schedule until I was completely exhausted and almost never got to see the boys. In November of last year, I made the decision that I needed to find something, actually one thing that could completely replace all three jobs. While I loved having daily pocket money from bartending, the perks of getting a hotel room for a staycation, and my at times "cushy" law firm job, it began to wear on me. By early January, I got serious about beginning my dreaded job search (I absolutely hate searching websites for jobs and editing and submitting resumes), and around mid-January, I found my current position. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing more on exactly how I landed my dream job. For now, let's just say, my boss is amazing and understands that I, too, am an entrepreneur!

What's new

My Reason

My reason for going back to work was 3-fold. I very much so needed a break from the entrepreneurial landscape in Kansas City. I wanted to rebrand my business and refocus my offerings. I also wanted to take the time to finish the process of writing my album and my book. I've always known that I did not want to release another EP. I wanted my second studio project to be an actual full-length album. Let's just say, I have a lot of material for this one and I want to put it all out there and be done with the subject. Heartbreak is mutha... Lastly, I wanted to actually "live". I wanted to be able to travel to new places, on my own and with my sons, and be able to afford more than a Taco Bell burrito that the three of us would have to split! Been there, done that; never doing it again!

New Digs

I started my new position in the legal field in late January, and by early April, I was taking a much-needed vacay to decompress from all of my hard work and that break-up I mentioned before. I went to California to spend some much-needed girl-time with my sister in San Diego. I feel like I returned to Kansas City a lot clearer, more focused, and ready to get back to it!

The IndieBoss Book, IndieBoss Workbook, + IndieBoss Talk Podcast

Over the last year, I also launched my IndieBossTalk podcast and began writing the IndieBoss book and workbook that is going to pull together topics from this blog, my personal journey as an indie artist and MUSICpreneur, and more. I know that a lot of you love reading my posts, but there are even more of you out there that could use bite-size content that you can listen to on-the-go. Get ready, because all of this is coming your way very soon!

New Music (Finally!), My Sponsorship With Kayotica, + Awards

Additionally, I created some really awesome music with Krush Groove for my new album Black + Gold. I also started working with Kayotica to complete the album in late April (more on that really soon). Kayotica sent me my very own eyeball to complete the remainder of my sessions. To my surprise, it actually arrived on my birthday, April 26th!

My first Sponsor!! Visit: kaoticaeyeball.com to learn more. First listen with my newest studio tool COMING SOON!
I also won a few awards over the last year. While I am grateful for each of them, my favorite was my nominations and win at the Kansas City Music Awards.

My awards and recognition this year went beyond my music. I feel so blessed that my work with Assilem Media has been able to touch so many! Stay tuned to hear about my award-winning work in Kansas City's small business community as well. I've been working so diligently to create true economic impact nationwide!

Live Events + Concerts

Remember last year, when I started the #SipLocalKC blog series?? Well, that is now a monthly event here in Kansas City launching on August the 10, 2018! The event will be hosted by Fox 4' Shawn Edwards and feature the art of Endia Lasker. Our first featured "sip" will be KC Wineworks and we will be entertained by my jazz trio, 'The Sips' (get it???)! Also, due to the upcoming release of the new album, Black + Gold, be on the lookout for an AvaBella concert near year! I've brought in an entirely new team, and we already have some amazing shows coming this Fall!

#SipLocalKC New Logo

My Babies Are Growing Up!

I have been a busy, busy bee, not to mention it's summer and the boys have a pretty busy schedule, too. Let me not forget, officially, this summer, I became the mother of a teenager. So yeah, this has been a busy time, but I cannot complain; not one bit! I am excited about all that's going on and all the things to come. I hope that you have enjoyed this update and I promise there is more to come that I could not include without making this post super-dee-duper hella long!

 A little brunch before taking the see Black Panther

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Talk to you soon!


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