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Posses Your Land: Embrace The Promise

Thursday, July 26, 2018MsAvaBella

This was supposed to be posted January of this year. The New Year's post that I've typically done for a few years now. That is not what happened. Read the story post below if you intersted in hearing how it all went down!

Let me start by saying that I planned for the first post of 2018 to be one of two things...

I wanted to motivate you into activation of all that you want for this year. I wanted to tell you to stop procrastinating and to get started on your vision. I wanted to tell you that you are almost at the finish line and that if you stop now, you will surely kick yourself! I wanted to tell you all of that. I also thought about posting apost full of the tools that I have been using for my podcast. I wanted to share the first printable organization tool. I also wanted to share the different apps that are on my iPhone that keep me organized. Gosh! I had so many plans.

Then today, I was enjoying the last of my 4-day holiday weekend before returning to my job-jobat the law firm. I was actually at the bakery near where I live and I was about to interview a fellow #IndieBoss about her paintings. Just as I finished ordering my pastry and before they could bring my softbrew coffee to my table, I get a call that the studio where I was recording my album caught on fire. I literally was speechless. In that moment it wasn't even about the music. It was more about the person on the other end.

I immediately thought about the fact that he is not only my producer and engineer, but he is a person. This persona has a 12-month-old baby, responsibilities, clothing, and stability that are distant memory in this moment. It left me at a loss for exactly what to say. I knew that, yes, my session files, are gone, but more importantly, I knew that this meant he was going to be in transition. Just as most artists with an incredible journey consisting of twists, turns, mountains, valleys, roadblocks, and sometimes downright tragic circumstances, my producer turned engineer has endured all the highs and lows that come with this business.

Krush and I right after I left the stage receiving the Best Pop Artist Award @ The KC Music Awards.
Krush is still rebuilding. If you want to help this talented producer and musician; click here to give to his GoFundMe 

When I hung up the phone, I was positive that with what we had been working on, the concept of this project, and the way it was evolving we were definitely on to something. I felt with everything in me that I didn't want him to give up. 

I didn't want to give up. 

I feel like it was almost a test to see if would give up knowing that we are so close to sharing an amazing body of work with the world. I was just so hopeful of all the things to come from the Black + Gold album. Now it was literally up in smoke.

What the hell was I going to do if everything was gone?

For many reasons, this has been the most fluent moment in composing a post for the blog in some time. I've had my time divided between not only recording this project but also the launch of the IndieBoss book, podcast, and workbook. To be perfectly honest add to that, completely changing the entirety of my circle and network. I've definitely been in a bit of a haze. It was hard to even open my computer, much less type anything. 

Then there was this one night when I firmly believe what my ears heard, my mind began to act upon. You know how sometimes you come across something or someone and you know, without a doubt, that they were sent to give you that little nudge you need to get to the next level of thought? This happened when I was having a conversation about all that I was working on, and all that was getting in the way. I wasn't whining. I was just completely spent! 

Around the time this happened, a dear friend told it to me like this:

In the Bible, there's a verse that talks about the people of Israel who had gone through so much and come out on the other side, but they still didn't believe. This comes from Deuteronomy 1:8

Now see, me, I'm Israel. I've hustled and I've been grinding since forever, but now it's time to actually act like I know! I've made the decision to possess my land...meaning, all the opportunities, success, blessings, and joy promised to me!

You simply have to look at where you are. Look at where you've been. some days, it will be harder to do that than others. Do it anyway. The next step is to be the decider... Decide that you can and will keep going. Decide that you will show gratitude for it all - the dollar burgers and the steaks! Decide that where you have been WILL NOT EVER stop you from where you are going.

You must possess your land.

I am grateful for the conversation I had with a good friend, B.C.! You are truly a vessel of the Most High... Thanks for talking me off the ledge more times than you may even understand!


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