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Tuesday, August 08, 2017MsAvaBella

I've been alluding to it on my personal pages across social media, but I'd like to officially announce that I've been working on a new release. While all of you who are connected with me know I am a blogger, a mom, and an artist, I'm also adding 'published author' to that list of "I am's".  Through the process of writing the book, I've been reminded of how the process began. Through these memories and reminders, I've been careful to honor the many lessons I've learned personally and professionally!

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I'm excited to take you back to the beginning with this series as I share images and video with you about how it all began. It cracks me up how during my first LIVE show at The Riot Room, I worked poses for my photo shoot into my set. The crowd loved it! I wonder if anyone could imagine how incredibly nervous I was. Who would have thought that under all that "fierceness" was a scared little girl from South KC just trying to figure it all out! I was terrified y'all!

Things have definitely changed and while I have become more confident, I honor all of these first moments and thank God for all of the blessings; the record deal, single deal, licensing deal, contests won, the travel to some of the most beautiful cities across this nation, cultural experiences, moving to Los Angeles (and back), starting my branding and media business, Assilem Media Group, LLC and most recently being awarded the Kansas City Music Best Pop Artist Award. I'm humbled by how my art has been received and that I am able to share my heart with the world now because of this gift from The Most High God! He is truly able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what I can ever ask or dream!

Red Carpet @ KC Music Awards 2017

Thank you all for rocking with me how you do! There is so much more ahead! Join me here on the blog as I begin to take a look back in this post series: How I Became An Indie Boss ‼️💋🆎


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