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#SipLocalKC Collaboration | @GangstaGoodiesKitchen Crafts The 'Brown Suga' Cocktail

Tuesday, June 06, 2017MsAvaBella

Hello there,

Just thought I'd let you know - if you looking for an amazingly bold cocktail this summer, with hints of coffee liqueur, the recipe for the craft cocktail that I collaborated with Gangsta Goodies Kitchen to create; it's live on their blog. This recipe features Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters + J. Reiger + Co.'s coffee liqueur, Caffe Amaro!  

Be sure to stop by for Gangsta Lean recipes like their Veggie Burger, or maybe you'd like to try a soul food recipe from their SoulGangsta recipes like their Collard Greens. Or maybe you'd prefer their GrangstaGrill recipes; I mean it's the season right?!

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Don't forget to stop by their Facebook page, too - @GangstaGoodiesKitchen. Each Sunday, they're bringing you new recipe videos for you to try!

I am so passionate about connecting and building with my sister friends, here in Kansas City, and beyond. Please show love to Gangsta Goodies Kitchen and tell them AvaBella sent you!! I am also excited to continue forward with the #SipLocalKC series and share the best of the best in local coffee roasters and breweries. Our time spent last month with Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters was amazing! If you know of somewhere we need to be here at; let us know - email me directly

To visit the original post here on the blog; CLICK HERE

~ AvaB

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