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#SipLocalKC | Featured Roaster: Thou Mayest

Monday, May 08, 2017MsAvaBella

Thou Mayest is awesome, I mean a truly awesome place. It is a place where I can come to decompress, and have an excellent cup of coffee or a craft cocktail. It's not pretending to be hip; it just is. At the same time, it's warm, and dare I say, cozy. I really enjoy the atmosphere. I'm always greeted by the baristas. If not Bo himself.

One of my weekly trips to Thou Mayest | 📷 : Me

Because of the energy of Thou Mayest,  ever since my first visit, I wanted to find out who was behind the curtain. Well, I wound up meeting Bo on that first trip. He took the time to chat about Thou Mayest's road to Crossroad's as well as the culture. he explained the meaning of the name, where it came from, and the whole premise behind "the way is open".

After our brief, but eye-opening chat that conveyed that they were truly something different, I left feeling that yes, I would be sharing their story here on the blog. Their name comes from East of Eden, the meaning of the term - the way is open - this is the spirit of Thou Mayest and you can feel it from the second you enter the Crossroads shop at 419 E. 18th Street.

There are new developments, new merchandise, and new coffee arriving in series form all rooted in their hashtag, #TakeFunSeriously. Although I have my favorites from Thou Mayest, I am always willing to try something new knowing I won't be disappointed.

Stay tuned for more on Thou Mayest here on the blog all this month. Also, click their ad in the right sidebar to shop their coffee and merch online. 

I want to thank Bo and the entire Thou Mayest crew for taking part in the #SipLocalKC series. 

I'm super excited to announce this brand new series on www.AvaBellasIndieBlog.com: #SipLocalKC. The series will feature the best of the best in coffee, smoothies, and juices that Kansas City has to offer. 

Many local cafes and roasters have already expressed their excitement about this new series!

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