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#SipLocalKC | Lunchtime @ Thou Mayest: Memories of Ma

Wednesday, May 17, 2017MsAvaBella

I've been super committed to this challenge! So far this month, I have stepped outside of my comfort zone of my standard, Mocha Latte, and tried brewed coffees. So far my favorite from Thou Mayest is the Smooth Operator. I am also a huge fan of the Boldy Go, but I also picked up their newest offering, the Equinox Spring Seasonal which I cannot wait to try. 

On this particular trip, Bo himself suggested I try the Dirty Chai - I loved it, too. It gave me just the right amount of lofty energy I needed to make it through my workload after my meeting.

It was just after the lunch hour and I decided to make a day of my trip to Thou Mayest! After my grabbing my coffee before my meeting earlier, I got a text for a reward from Thou Mayest, so I had to grab a quick bite for lunch. Did I ever mention how I love reward programs?

When I got the text, I decided to head back up to the counter to grab another Dirty Chai - this was my initial thought...

Then I saw 4 pastry boxes behind the counter and feeling right at home, I asked what they were. The awesome team at Thou Mayest then put out fresh,  off the press pastries from local shops. I could not resist!

I had the Mclains Bakery Ham + Cheese Croissant 🥐.

As a little girl, my mom used to take me and my siblings to Mclains in Brookside for a Saturday morning treat! It was one of our many weekend traditions. Biting into the savory, flaky, just the right amount of spice treat took me back to those morning trips with Ma, my sister Cleo, and my brother Daniel in Ma's 2 door Ford Escort!

Afterward, we'd drive from Brookside to Loose Park and pick out our "mansions". Some days we would go just off the Country club Plaza to the Nelson-Atkins Art museum for the newest exhibit. Now I do the same thing with my sons. We call them 'Mommy Field Trips'. I do miss that time with my siblings and my mom. Things are so different now and we're all in different cities all over the country. I think I just may stop by to see Ma and have some coffee, a Mclains treat, and talk about art. Shout out to all the moms out there, but especially my Ma, and my sister - two of the best moms on the planet. Also, thank you to Thou Mayest for taking me back to one the best times in my life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all.

~ AvaB

I'm super excited to announce this brand new series on www.AvaBellasIndieBlog.com: #SipLocalKC. The series will feature the best of the best in coffee, smoothies, and juices that Kansas City has to offer. 

Many local cafes and roasters have already expressed their excitement about this new series!

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