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New Look | New Logo | New Series - Part 1 -

Wednesday, April 12, 2017MsAvaBella

I'm so excited to announce the new updates I've made here on the blog. A few months ago, just before my trip to Los Angeles during Grammy week, I realized that it was time to make a few changes. The first thing I wanted to do was update the look of the blog and maximize the theme I purchased a year or so ago.

Go Royals!

April always brings me inspiration. April is my birth month and also marks the true beginning of Spring - at least for me. By mid-month, it is always a little greener outside, flowers begin to bloom, the sun is shining brighter, and if the Lord says the same, the snow is gone! This is generally when my creativity gets flowing and I'm ready to implement all the things I've been thinking about while everybody has been hibernating.

This year, I decided to take a more hands on approach to the design and the look of the blog. Probably a year or so ago, I purchased a new theme, but I wasn't managing the site or making changes myself. So I decided that I would no longer outsource the design my baby, and I would raise this baby myself. Once I made that decision in January, I saw a change almost immediately. The first thing I started working on was a new logo. I absolutely love it!

AvaBella's Indie Blog New Logo

New Logo | In February, I decided to update the logo, I absolutely love Metallics and I worked with a fellow designer to create something that was bold, yet, slick. I also wanted to incorporate the new tagline: "For the real MUSICpreneur". 

Sometimes rebranding is important, with all the changes, I wanted to make and for what I want the site to be, I felt it was time. The original logo and branding included my face and hot pink writing. I know that most of my readers early on were male. Now I have a great balance and male and female readers, so I wanted a clean look that embraces my audience in totality. I feel like this look embraces this. I hope that you continue to see AvaBella's Indie Blog as a resource for you, whether you are an artist, creative brand, or musician. 

For the real MUSICpreneur

New Look | So I started on the path of wanting something new for the design of the blog about a year ago. When I began the search, I almost gave up because it seemed that there were only Wordpress themes. I thought surely there has to be themes made for blogger to make it more functional, to make it beautiful, and to align with the content I was sharing.

After searching, I finally found After looking through numerous pages on the site, I finally found the Outfit Clean + Responsive Theme. I absolutely love it! While I had the theme installed for a long time, I never took the time to marry it. You know, really take the time to fully see it through to its full potential. Now on the blog you can see pages, my instagram, my music, my twitter feed, and a I also dedicated some pages to sharing the business of what I do. As a MUSICpreneur, it is so important to not just create the music, but to equally show what I've been doing all those times it takes me weeks, sometimes months, to post. Thank you all for your patience while I got my ish together!

Visit to purchase your blogger template.

New Series | I'm am so excited about sharing these! There are several new series I'm launching in May 2017. If you look above, the first new tab you'll see is #KCAllDay. I am proud to be from the home of 18th + Vine and there is so much growth in Kansas City. From technology to music and everything in between - we are growing! 

While Kansas City is in the heart of America, that by no means suggests we are country. Although Kansas City culture is very conserative, it's growing. There's not only beautiful architecture but also a bubbling local startup community. You can find everything here - tech, breweries, roasters, fashion, the arts, and of course, jazz! 

Please stay tuned for Part 2 of this post to learn more about the new series coming to the blog next month! I can't wait to read your feedback! As always, if you want to send me mail, you can do so at

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