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4 Steps To Kick Starting Your 2017 Vision NOW!

Saturday, February 11, 2017MsAvaBella

If you are like most folks, I'm sure you said over the last few weeks, "2017 is my year!" This is the year you'll write that book, release that album, launch that new clothing line, start that business, or code that new app. If none of those applied, insert your epic to-do here _________. Whatever your it is, it's time for you to get a move on. If you are an indie artist, entrepreneur, innovator, believer, or dreamer, sometimes that single digit change on the date is all you need to put a little fire under your britches to get it poppin'! 

There are sooooooo many things that I didn't know when I started the indie artist journey. I hardly knew anything, actually. All I knew is I could sing and write songs. Heck, I wasn't even sure that the songs were that great! What I also didn't know was how to get the songs out of my head, recorded, and into listener's ears. Then I started the learning process all over again when I began writing this blog. There is still so much for me to learn about that, too, but I thought I'd put together a little list to share what I've learned about starting anything. This list will save you a bit of time. Now make no mistake, this post is not just for artists or bloggers. If you plan to be in the business of selling ANYthing, then you're in the right place. Keep Reading...

1. Do your research | This is step one. Whenever you are starting something new, you have to learn as much as possible about it. You have to find out what is already out there. Whether you are taking the road less traveled or you are solving a problem by creating a product, you need to know what is already in existence. How do you do this? I suggest subscribing to 3 publications; this can be online or print. Either way, you need to be abreast of what is happening in the industry you are entering with your product. If you're an indie artist, this might be Hypebot. If you're creating your own social media platform, maybe you'll subscribe to the Social Media Examiner. If you're wanting to learn the ways of a boss, maybe its Forbes you'll subscribe to. Last, but not least, please don't discount reading books and Barnes Noble. For me, I like to visit Half Price Books when I don't get to Barnes Noble. Every single trip to these 2 bookstores has resulted in me learning something to make my brand, my music, even this blog, all a little better.

2. Get a mentor | I cannot stress the importance of this. A great starting place to finding your ideal mentor is to ask yourself a few questions: Who does what I do near me? Who do I admire that is super successful? Who is successful doing what I'd like to do? A facebook friend just posted recently that you are a mirror of the 5 people you are around the most. I completely agree! If you are seriously working toward your success, challenging your status quo, and you are very focused on doing so; you'll find a mentor. One of my mentors, James Watts, suggested to me that in this new year I should make 3 - 6 contacts per day. Doing this has caused a major shift in my business overall! 3 of those contacts are to network, 3 are to introduce myself to potential clients and fans. Try it out - it works! If you are having trouble locating someone who is in your chosen industry, try the SCORE site to be matched up. I have recently been matched with a SCORE mentor, but I continue to find value in the conversations that I have with Mr. Watts. Both of my mentors offer a different perspective on business. I am glad to know them both...

3. Let your fingers do the walkin' | First, you must write the vision. Without a plan for your epic to-do, you most likely will not get it off the ground. Listen, I am thee most innovative person I know when it comes to awesome ideas, but if I don't write it down; I'll forget. More importantly, it won't EVER get done! Think about it. There are millions of subjects, ideas, and sub ideas floating around in your mind. How do you organize it to remember? Add to that all of the noise of your daily life and social media; you are computing waaaaaaay too much information. My solution for executing my vision was simple. For me, it's list-making (another suggestion of my EPIC mentor Jim Watts). Sometimes that list is on paper, which is the best way to remember it, sometimes it's on my iPhone. Figure out which way will work best for you, but... get to it!

4. Be intentionalMy absolute favorite quote, actually now my mantra, is: "Words a flight travel on wings of action" courtesy of my Papa Jones. Papa Jones was a do-er. He was a self-taught artist. His preferred medium was charcoal (and it was gorgeous), he learned to play piano by ear, and the most amazing thing to me was that he carved and created string instruments, all by hand. He also used to say that if you wanted to learn anything you could find out how in a book. I so believe that and I am proud to say that I am a lot like him. Most of the things I am currently doing have all come from me reading an awesome how-to book. At times there have also been really great blog posts that have aided in me getting started or getting unstuck. What I mean by being intentional is start with the end in mind. If you are focused on your vision then reaching the goals that shape it means that you are being intentional with that vision.

I hope that this post can do just that! I hope these 4 tips relight the fire you had when the New Year was approaching. Most of all, I hope this article helps you get cracking!

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