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Featured Artist of The Month: @RonBeattyNC | January 2017

Friday, January 06, 2017MsAvaBella

Emerging from New Bern, a small city nestled in Eastern North Carolina, is Ron Beatty. I stumbled upon his music last week and reached to learn more. In our brief conversation, I was able to learn a bit more about this southern rapper, his influences, and a little indie artist advice.

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The video's dope; it's kind of got a cinematic feel to it. What's the story behind Please Don't Leave? | The song was actually written for a screenplay.

I think in today's musical landscape it's a natural progression for artists to get into the placement game; is this your first? | I agree...and yes...one of my current goals is to land more TV show and movie placements. My most recent was Please Don't Leave on the "Jalen & Jacobi Show" on ESPN.

What made you want to pursue music? | It was a combination of Rap City with Big Tigger Outkast, Mobb Deep, and Church.

Watch @RonBeattyNC's new video for Please Don't Leave HERE

One thing that I always find interesting is the rapper's favorite rapper; who are some of your favorites? | Goodie Mob, Zero, Ghetto Boys, Outkast, and UGK

UGK?! There definitely one of my all-time favorites, too. Ok what song and what album | Definitely Ridin' Dirty, High Life! #10.

Awe Yeah! You're cool peoples! Ridin' Dirty is the soundtrack of my late-teens! Now when we first spoke, you mentioned that all of us are trying to get free. So I was wondering... Does your music free you? | My music does provide a "sense" of freedom. Only during the creation of it.


Same here. That's why I think it's imperative for artists...even me, to keep creating. But then what?
| Following that, it's essential that we find ways to capitalize on our talents, without exploiting yourself or going against your morals. It takes a great deal of capital to have the right presentation as an artist, and in order to continue to be great, one must find creative methods of generating revenue from music. As much as I'd love to make music for the love only, my adulthood seems to find a way of blocking that at times. So as independent artists, but most importantly as adults, some of which have kids, careers, bills, and etc...you have to ask yourself, what are you really in it for?

Yep! Kids, careers, bills! That part! What's you advice to other artists trying to find their place in this industry and get their footing? | Many people say true freedom is within the mind...those people are usually broke. Some say money won't bring happiness...often heard a lot from those who have acquired wealth. But one thing's for sure, one must have balance. Wealth is a beautiful thing. So is having a positive mind state. But in music...you need BOTH! Fuck struggling to make it. That's bullshit. People read 2 stories in XXL and figure that's what you need to do to make it. But fail to hear about the 2 million stories of those who's story didn't turn out that way. Life is balance. Success is balance. Sacrifices must be made. And everybody's situation is different. Find yours.


Ron Beatty: @RonBeattyNC
Produced by: D.N.A. Productions (@aronezzy & @d_atkinson11)
Artwork by: @rickyruckus

Lead single from upcoming project, BEATS, BEERS, & BBQ
Release Date TBA

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