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Wednesday, December 28, 2016Ava Bella

2016 was a great year for me. It was also a tough year for me; sometimes down right painful! In my mind, I have went over and over how to get better. How to be a better mom, a better business women, and a better artist. Sometimes, this falls in no specific order. Sometimes, my many hats that I wear bleed into one another into a muddy mess! All in all, it was amazing! 

This year, I got back on the road and toured a few cities alongside James D. Conqueror who was the opening act for the Kool Keith Feature Magnetic Tour. I also (finally) started a website for my business Assilem Media, I officially became a mom of a middle schooler, produced two SXSW shows along with my peeps at Black Vine Worldwide, I started a facebook community for artists and creative entrepreneurs, I graduated from Construction Management school, I attended the annual National Black Public Relations Society conference in Chicago and met some amazing folks in the world of PR!

I took on new clients and produced the inaugural Legacy 627 Music Awards Gala (and week) for the Mutual Musicians Foundation, and finally, I helped to launch the newest radio station in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, KOJHFM.org.

Per the usual, I learned a lot along the way! I picked up new skills, traveled more than I have in the last few years, and slowly began to put in perspective my sometimes crazy, and at the same time, exciting life. I learned that it is okay to put distance between myself and people who cannot go the rest of journey with me. I learned that it is in fact possible to be a parent and to be a dreamer. Finally, I learned that in most cases when you are a visionary, that vision is surely given to you because it's yours and you don't owe anybody any explanations for the path you walk to realize that vision!

I want to be honest, it was harder this year than it has been to be consistent in this space and be consistent. I promised often that I would be and I failed. Where I thought it would be easy to run a business blog and a niche blog; it has been far from it! Still, I want to share 5 posts that you guys apparently rocked with. Without further ado, here are your favorite posts from this blog from 2016. Let's go...

Featured Artist of The Month: @RyanLucasDC  | When the interwebs and Hip Hop God's got together just a little over 2 years ago and I discovered the artists Ryan Lucas, he was working. By working I mean he was visible on the web, his music had substance, it was produced well, and he was actively performing - EVERYWHERE! READ FULL POST HERE

Featured Artist of The Month: James D. ConquerorKansas City artist James D. Conqueror of Black Vine Records adds a 3rd studio project to his Nouveau Noir Series, with Nouveau Noir Opus I. His genre, Blazz Hop (Blues, Jazz, & Hip Hop), is said to have redefined the sound of Kansas City Hip Hop. READ FULL POST HERE

My Awesome WeekendSeriously. Awesome. I started the weekend a bit early on Thursday with some culture. I attended the KC Friends of Alvin Ailey David T. Beals, III Studio Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Trio Performance. I attended KC Restaurant Week... READ FULL POST HERE

Instagram's New AlgorithmHashtags like #RIPInstagram and #TurnMeOn are just a few a countless tweets and posts floating around the web. Fear not! Change is good; I mean, remember life before Instagram? No? Well, I'm hoping that after this post you'll know 3 quick ways to make sure you're visual images are still visible on the web! READ FULL POST HERE

Featured Artist of The Month: @the_real_karma_club | It was March 2016. Austin, Texas. We were at the Black Vine Enterprises Showcase during SXSW Music Festival. The young ladies of Karma literally took my breathe away! Their performance gave me chills and also brought tears to my eyes. READ FULL POST HERE

Well I hope you have enjoyed the replay of this year's greatest hits here on the blog! There is more to come this year and I won't make any promises as to how often new content will come; just know that it will. In the meantime...

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