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Featured Artist of The Month: @JamesDConqueror | DECEMBER 2016

Wednesday, November 02, 2016Ava Bella

James D. Conqueror is lighting up Instagram feeds worldwide 

I'm super excited to be working on James D Conqueror's new campaign. From his new press visuals, to his personal style, to the new sound, Blazz Hop, which seems almost genre bending. This is the most fun we've had in a while around Assilem Media offices! Of course we would make him the featured artist of the week! Check out his video for the first single Le Cool, from his new project Nouveau Noir below. Comment and be sure to subscribe to the blog to learn exactly where we are and what we'll be doing next.

Kansas City artist James D. Conqueror of Black Vine Records adds a 3rd studio project to his Nouveau Noir Series, with Nouveau Noir Opus I. His genre, Blazz Hop (Blues, Jazz, & Hip Hop), is said to have redefined the sound of Kansas City Hip Hop. His initial release of the series, Baptism: Holy Water (released Nov. 2014), "evokes the spirit of all the was, is, and forever shall be the sound of Kansas City". Conception: The Demo (released Feb. 2016) followed with "a fresh perspective of a city celebrating the Mutual Musicians Foundation's centennial". 

Though James has more recently been credited with the execution and launch of Kansas City's newest Jazz radio station, KOJHFM.org, he wants to be known as a curator for the Black American Music Experience. From the cool and catchy ode to all things Kansas City, Paris of The Plains (P.O.P.), to his first single from the EP, Le Cool, James and The Swing blend classic jazz and blues instrumentation that is self-composed and immediately grabs your attention, insists that you give an honest listen, and last but not least groove to the swing! Look for James D. Conqueror & Te Swing in a city near you for the Nouveau Noir Gallery Tour.

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