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Featured Artist of the Month: @the_real_karma_club

Sunday, July 17, 2016MsAvaBella

It was March 2016. Austin, Texas. We were at the Black Vine Enterprises Showcase during SXSW Music Festival. It was our second show of the festival and our day started at around 6AM. I was excited about our show. I was excited to meet and interview the artists because I'm always eager to hear there stories, perhaps meet there supports, team, and get to know them. Over my last 3 years working with Black Vine, I have met some amazingly talented folks!

The young ladies of Karma literally took my breathe away! Their performance gave me chills and also brought tears to my eyes. There's a lot of BS in the industry and on the radio and I have to admit that as an artist, it makes me weary. These young ladies are not that. They are series about their craft. They are true entertainers. They are already polished so I can only imagine what is to come for them.

Take a look at our interview after some snippets of their AMAZING performance at the Black Vine Showcase during SXSW 2016...


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Twitter: @realkarmaclub

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