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I Graduated Last Week... | 3 Things I Learned About Myself Attending Construction Management School

Wednesday, May 11, 2016MsAvaBella

Last night was pretty epic...

I really didn't know what to expect when I walked through the doors of my first Turner Construction Management class. I was unsure. I didn't know if the curriculum would be over my head. I didn't know if I would even retain the information presented. Throughout the class we learned about business budgeting, industry specific practices when it comes to payroll, digital imaging, safety, of course, and 100 years of what they've done right and how we can apply it to our business. I really didn't tell anyone until the class was nearly over and graduation was close, that I was even taking CM classes. I simply made it my business to be present and accounted for every Wednesday night to learn what I could. 

When I knew it was real...

Since my posts to my facebook, instagram, and snapchat have gotten so much attention in the last few days, I have had to answer the question about what made me go to construction management school, what I want to do with my new found knowledge, and what else am I doing next. Here are the answers to those questions as well as the 3 things I learned about myself during this process.

My table was front and center at the KCP&L Energy Building in the Power &Light District Last Night

Always Seize The Opportunity - You Never Where It Will Lead You

As my mom would say, you could have "bought me for a penny" if you would have told me thee Frank White (yes, that Frank White), would be speaking at my graduation and that he and I would stand side by side with Kansas City Mayor Sly James, and the head man in charge from Kansas City Power &Light.

Upon entering the venue, I realized that one, I was slightly under-dressed for this occasion, and two, I needed to keep my business cards close. I immediately saw that there would be plenty of opportunity to share who I am, and the many, many things I do with a wide variety of people including my classmates who are all business owners as well.

I am so scary y'all! I took about 3 super-quick sips of wine before walking up to Mr. White to ask for a photo. He was so gracious that I also got to briefly share a bit about my business, my blog, and how my post abut him on Facebook during the Royals' World Series win was shared and loved by so many all because so many love him. He was extremely cool for letting me get my groupie ish on right
Frank White, Me, and my best friend, Erika Cosey during our cocktail hour before the ceremony.

Open Your Mouth - Tuck In Your Insecurity

Yeah...tuck that ish in. Don't be afraid! Not only do I sing and write songs, but yes, I also have knowledge of Construction Management best practices in every area of the business. Now, like I said, I am probably thee most scariest ( yeah I know...grammar) person when it comes to situations where I have to actually talk to people, but I know when I need to speak up, get clarification, add value to the conversation with what is in my brain, and simply let go.

Lol...the 2 (only 2) times that I spoke in class, I was terrified, I had to clear my throat repeatedly, and I was simply afraid. The more I sat there, I understood that in that setting there really are no silly questions. Turner wanted us to be successful. They wanted us as well as our businesses to flourish. Moral of the story...shake it off, tuck it in, get what you need to get, so you can get to work. 

Now this right here...this was amazeballs! I had to really be a lady and not go back for 4 more!

I Am Awesome

8 years ago, my life was rocked! When I say rocked, I mean everything flipped on its side! My marriage was over and puppy love had turned into somewhat of a nightmare. I was left to raise not 1, but 2, toddler boys alone. I literally woke up everyday crying and wondering how I got where I was.

Since I decided to tuck all that ish in and get back to it, I've been more focused. I've released music, had music placements in a movie, been named as one of the best of the best in Indie music, been blogged about, started a blog, then another one, lived in Los Angeles, started a business, built that business, had several successful client outcomes, and stayed sane with the help of the Most High the whole way.

See that last part tho...that is the key. You guys, I have survived violence, homelessness, living in a shelter, living in the projects, job layoffs (plural), divorce, and a whole lot of tears. Now construction management school may not be for you, traditional college may not be for you; it ain't for everybody! What I want to get across is that on the other side of all the foolishness, fuckery, hard times, and drama came the sunshine. It has been, and will continue to be a daily walk.

I am awesome because I stopped depending on someone else to make me awesome. God already did that. Straight up! Ain't nobody else that can handle that job. He made you that way, too! I took a few minutes last night when things settled down, I was in my pajamas, and I looked at that diploma. I remembered the way I felt when I walked up to the doors of the battered women's shelter. I remembered how I felt the day I drove the U-Haul up to the projects. I thought about the day my neighbor's brother was shooting a gun at 4 in the afternoon with children on the playground and my sons about to get off their school bus . Then, I looked back at the diploma. I've really come a mighty long way...

I. Am. Awesome. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13 --- REAL TALK

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