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#FeaturedArtistOfTheWeek | @JamesDConqueror's 'Conception': The Sound of Kansas City

Wednesday, February 03, 2016Ava Bella

I must admit that I have been waiting for someone to create a new narrative with just the right amount of nostalgia for Kansas City, the Home of the 18th & Vine Jazz District. In recent months the MC made his new sound's introduction with his Baptism, Holy Water. While everyone loves a great party song and what not, this project provides a little something to sink your teeth into; something we haven't heard coming from KC in a while. James evokes and conveys the spirit of all that was, is, and what shall forever be the sound of Kansas City, Missouri. 

I've followed his Black Vine Enterprises, for some time now and I'm looking forward to hearing his follow up coming later this year. Leave it to @JamesDConqueror, to go head and deliver sonic goodness from a city experiencing a musical awakening! His newest offering, Conception (The Demo) - [LISTEN BELOW] is what we've been waiting for in Hip Hop as a whole. His Conception is indeed a fresh perspective of a city embarking on their 100 year celebration of the creation and birthplace of Jazz. 

If this is what we are to expect from the awakening of the legacy; bring it on! 

If you listen closely you'll hear it for yourself. I encourage you to grab your clear, or your brown; whichever you prefer fellas and listen to my 1st favorite, Keep It Playa. Ladies, grab your Mimosas and listen to my other fav, Champagne.

Upcoming Gigs: Look for James D. Conqueror at the Black Vine Showcase during #SXSW where I am sure he'll be setting the stage afire!

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