The Book of 2016: Chapter 1 - Day 2 (w/Video)

Monday, January 04, 2016MsAvaBella

Well everyone, it's 2016. We are officially in the new year. I had a bright idea over the weekend and immediately pulled out the old iPhone 6 plus and recorded a Hang w/ live stream.

I thought about all the things I wanted to accomplish in the new year; things I was supposed to do the last few years, things I've only been thinking about recently, and very pressing things that I must complete. I know that nearly everyone in the world is probably having these same thoughts, right? I can't be the only one. Like many of you, I am so many things to so many, many people. I am a business owner, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a mom, a student (in no particular order of importance, might I add). The many hats that we wear can often place varied demands on us all. Sometimes that makes it even harder to fulfill our personal goals or to-do lists, right? Well I want to put mine out here for the whole world (or at least the interwebs) to see.


Here are a few of the things I need to personally pull the trigger on this year. If your interested, read on. If you have a minute check out my Hang w/ livestream that I did over the weekend. It is available via the app or on my YouTube channel.

Here we go...

Build Awareness of My Company Assilem Media Group

If you have been reading my blog, you may know that a few of the articles have been published on other publications like I am so proud of that. It would be even more awesome if in the coming months I can do the same for my company Assilem Media Group. When I started getting emails from readers after starting my blog journey in 2013, it was the next logical step to begin consulting fellow artists on how they could do what I did and am doing with my music. I am happy to say that I've already gotten started with sharing more about our marketing, branding, and design services via interviews for publications and working with artists all over the country. My motto is you can never have to much publicity! I'd like to continue forward in the new year building awareness of Assilem Media and what our amazing team has to offer to artists, creative brands, and entrepreneurs.

Shoot At Least One Music Video

This may be hard for you all to believe, but I have yet to shoot a video for ANY and I do mean any of the songs from my first project, or any of the singles I've released. Often times, when I've given advice here on the blog, it comes from a place of  " don't do what I did (aka don't procrastinate), do it this way'. I've had placements in film, I've had radio play, I've had features; yet I have no videos for some really great material. Needless-to-say, I need to get to it! I've had so many hang ups about shooting videos. Let me be completely honest here. I've been worried about how I look, my hair, my weight, any friggen thing that can cause me to not do it. I'm pulling the trigger!

Visit LA

I need to go back. It's as simple as that. I need the sunshine. I need a tan. I need to hug a palm tree, I need to sleep on the beach, I need a bad sunburn (my skin is sensitive (it's inevitable); I need to get back!
Travel With My Sons

A couple years ago, my mother, my sons, and I traveled to San Diego for my sister's surprise birthday. We had a ball! It was also my son's 10th birthday so we double celebrated! The went to the beach for the first time, played in the Pacific Ocean, went to an indoor amusement park/pizza restaurant, and of course we shopped until we dropped. It was their very first plane ride aaaaaand they love airport food. We have taken a few "Mommy Field Trips" since then, but we definitely need a vacay in The Book of 2016! I can't wait!

Make My Home Buying Decision 

Really self explanatory here. It's time.

I Need To Live

I also need to move about the country this year; more than before! My favorite places to travel are Chicago, St. Louis, LA, Brookhaven, MS, Austin, TX, Vegas, and New Orleans. I have friends/family in mostly all of these places and there is no excuse for not seeing them (sorry y'all)!


Thanks for reading,


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