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#MondayMotivation - Birthing Something New

Monday, September 07, 2015MsAvaBella

I have a special connection to butterflies... Their life cycle has always fascinated me. Each stage of their cycle suggests a different goal to be met; each one of them important. It can take a month for the process or maybe even a year... It all depends on the type of butterfly.

I remember having a conversation with a very wise old owl. He outlined the problem with us visionaries; you know, super talented, creative people. He said that most times, people recognize your gift(s) and more often than not, they don't want to share that gift with the world. They'd much rather keep you all to themselves.

Isn't that how we look at butterflies? You wanna chase them, catch them, hold them in your hands so you can examine their beauty closely. The thing is, butterflies were meant to fly!

a butterfly in my parent's yard from over the weekend
The same thing happens with people! In some situations this might be through abuse - physical, mental, emotional or economic. In some instances, it might be not giving you the support needed to give you that push to the next level. Sometimes it's done maliciously, other times it's done in just pure ignorance.

Let me be the one to say your beauty, your light, your gift, and your creativity is meant to be shared with the masses. If it were not so, you wouldn't have the gifts you've been gifted!

REMEMBER: some things take time. A butterfly can sometime take a few
months or sometimes a year. Don't rush things. Feel every moment of
your life cycle. When it's time; it will, without a doubt be YOUR

Whatever you are birthing is sure to bless the world. We'll be ready
to bask in your beauty when you arrive! My prayer is that you have the
strength you need to make the journey! My favorite scripture is
Philippians 4:13 - "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens
me". Reflect on this verse often during your life cycle(s).

Take a listen to my personal favorite  from my LadyGun EP, "I'm Just a Butterfly..." 


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