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5 Ways Live Streaming Can Help Creative Brands

Thursday, August 27, 2015MsAvaBella

**Update March 2017: This post was originally written in 2017. This app has since been removed from all app stores, but my take on Live Streaming are still very true to what I originally posted. Look for an updated article on how video can help your brand to be up soon.**

Have you been wanting to use live-streaming to market your art?

Ever heard of Hang w/?

Hang w/ is one my favorite social media platforms because it's an amazingly innovative tool; a great way to grow your social following organically. I was inspired by the Social Media Examiner article recently on another streaming platform to share what I use personally and why I think Hang w/ is so great!

2 years before there was periscope, the web was already buzzing about an innovative live-streaming app called Hang w/. NextWeb reported that only 6 weeks after it's launch, 100,000 people were already streaming 2 million sessions (or live streams) on the web! That's amazing to me. When I first heard about it, I immediately knew that it was the next big thing (with staying power, might I add), because 3 of the investors for the platform were serial entrepreneur and artist 50 Cent, super-mega producer and entrepreneur, Timbaland, and NFL's Terrell Owens. 

At the turn of this year, USA TODAY reported 1 million are now using the app. In that same article, the already successful CEO and Co-Founder of MEDL MOBILE and CEO of Hang w/, Andrew Maltin said, "With live video, you can't fake it," he says. "It's either real or it's not." His mission: "to make social media a little more authentic". I couldn't agree with Andrew more! This is what I believe: Social media is all about making an authentic connection with your fans, customers, and potential followers. If you have to buy the numbers, your doing something wrong. 

With that said, here are 5 of the ways you can use HANG w/ for your creative business.


With the increasing popularity of social media as a means to communicate to the masses, we see more and more people are taking to video as a way of chiming in on current news. For you this might be the Black Lives Matter movement, the presidential race, all the reasons why Fetty Wap has no place in Hip Hop culture (more on this later on), or the latest fashion trend. It's as simple as pressing the broadcast button on the app, and it's go time! 


I remember when I pulled out my iPhone (it was an iPhone 4) for the first time and played a beat outside of an open mic I was hosting. During the intermission I sharing a new beat I made. Pretty soon 1 person became 3, then 3 people became a small crowd fascinated with my beat I made on the phone. What's the point? What a lot people wait to do in studio, I always have at my fingertips. 

Now if you translate that into a live-stream: studio sessions are the first thing that come to mind as one way to show how you do what you do. Second, if you are like me, the best way for you to compose a song is to just belt it out, then write it down later on, or maybe you're getting ready for the big reveal of your newest project's cover art and you're meeting with the graphic designer to brainstorm. Maybe it's as simple as showing a little bit of footage from the editing room for your newest video. Sharing how you create the end product is so interesting! Tho it may be old news to you, somebody will likely think the bells and whistles of what's happened behind the curtain are friggen awesome!


Have you ever thought, "if they could just see the real ME and how I do this epic ish, they would get it"? You can talk about your creative process all day long, but for me, the way I was able to build my current following is to incorporate video of you seeing what it is that I do. Whether it's been a live-stream from the MegaBus on my way to meet potential clients in Chicago or to perform, or the first time I took the road trip to #SXSW. Some days, I just felt like talking to you so I took a walk from the office and live-streamed asking viewers questions about what their opinion of "good business" was. I've gotten some great insight and clarity just from an 11 minute live-stream. Sometimes, giving your following a peak at your day-to-day is enough to  have a fan for life.


Probably one of the many cool features on HANG w/ is the embed link option on the pre-broadcast screen. This allows your viewers to click a link that takes them to anywhere on the web, go to the link, all while still hearing the broadcast in the background. What types of links can go here? I'm glad you asked! For my last 2 broadcast's I've linked to my blog.  Another great idea is to link to a specific subscriber page for your site to collect emails, to your blog, your facebook page, or your Youtube video. Basically, if people dig what you're saying in a short broadcast they will likely click the link to get more of your goods. 

Additionally, in that same pre-broadcast screen, you're able to not only add your location and send a post to you're twitter and facebook, but to your (like) pages as well. I love this feature! You don't often get the choice of connecting personal page vs. fan or business page on facebook with a lot of apps, but with Hang w/, you can. 

Also, in this screen you can choose: a public broadcast to all users on the app, a public broadcast with a private chat, or a private broadcast altogether. Finally, if you want to share the broadcast across your social platforms, there are always share icons that allow you to share all of your profiles at once. You'll just connect them to your profile in the app. If you want to add the broadcasts to your site, HERE is where you go to get your widget after you download the app (links below). Don't forget to check out the GoPro feature, too!

For more details on the app, and to get any answers on how to use a feature GO HERE.


So you've been building you're following on the Hang w/ app, right?! Now you're ready to make some money, right? There's a couple ways to do that. The first is to go to the 'MORE' tab once you're in the app, then under 'SPECIAL FEATURES', look for 'MONETIZATION'. The steps are simple and easy to follow. For a super quick and easy tutorial on how to set up monetization, GO HERE to watch a tutorial. 

The second way to monetize is to (drum roll please) become a 'DIGITAL TICKET' broadcaster. Digital Ticket is a way for you to create a ticketed event where you can set the price for viewers to watch the broadcast. The first thing that comes to mind is a live-stream of a concert. The process is simple to apply for digital ticket and similar to how you apply for monetization. For more info on digital ticket and other HANG w/ FAQ's GO HERE.


As with any social platform, the best way to build your following on the app is to be consistent. That is, share interesting content and share it consistently. If you have a good mix of any of my 5 ways to use the app, you'll be featured on HANG w/ in no time (yes, they do that, too). With all the buzz about social live-streaming, I wanted to share how I use HANG w/ as an artist for creative branding. 

Go try the HANG w/ app out for yourself and be sure you follow me, too. If you want to catch up on my live-streams you've missed, just scroll down and you'll see my widget below. 

As a final note:

Often times you'll see bloggers promote a product on their blog for pay or in exchange for a product, that's not the case with this post. While I probably will tweet the post link to Andrew, they have not paid me, hell I'm not even a verified user yet on HANG w/. I saw all of the talk about periscope and I was like wait a minute... HANG w/ been out! Live streaming was not invented with periscope! I thought you could benefit from knowing how I use it and knowing that they were here first...Innovation is what I look for, when I utilize a product!

Thanks for reading,


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