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Monday, June 22, 2015MsAvaBella

I have the hardest time waking up in the morning. Seriously tho! I always have. Sometimes it's because I'm sad I'm not somewhere on tour, sometimes, it's because I just am completely over the week (some days that happens on a I know that there are a lot of you who read my blog and you too get discouraged, or down right depressed as creatives living in the "regular people's" world. I have created a routine to get my day started. Now when I say day started, I mean like before I read an email, before I send a tweet, or post to any of my other social channels. I thought that these 3 things I do in the AM could very well help you shape your morning routine especially if you've gotten stuck in a creative rut (heck, we all do sometimes). 

Take a look...

I remember my mother coming in my room in the mornings as a teen. At times she would have to come in more than once, bang on things, and yes, threaten me, to get me to get up and get ready for school. I think that my teens were when I stopped being excited to get to school. It was that really wierd period between 8th and 9th grade that I simply could not! Now, I know what it is, I am a complete and utter ALIEN...but that's another post altogether.

I thought I would share my personal routine, maybe 1 or all of the 3 can be added or adapted to fit yours...

1. The 5 O'Clock Club | Once upon a time...I was a Mary Kay lady. Yes hunny...for about 10 years I ran a business and was quite successful with it, I might add. Anyhoo, not the point. My real point is that at 5AM, the more successful MK ladies would get up and begin their day with prayer. Now I ain't gon' lie! This was hard for me, but eventually, I did it. 

When I did it, I found that I got super clear on the things going well with my business, and very focused on the growth I wanted for my business, I would also meditate and read scripture during this time. This was when I was able to receive the answers I needed using the roadmap for my life: the bible. This was also the hour of the day that I used to reflect on who I am a mom and of course as a believer. Trust me it helps... 

I get busy, just like you, I have school, kids, gigs, obligations to significant others, church, etc. Let me tell you...when I get to busy to do this, ALL you know what breaks looks. I urge you to join the club! Pray, Read the word, & meditate on what it says. It works!

2. Starbucks Baby! Just Get Some Local Coffee | It all started when I worked in retail management. Especially on days that I missed the 5 o'clock club, I had to have a hot Mocha. I would get super grouchy without it. It's probably unhealthy, but I need it. Gotta have it. Sometimes, if I skip it, I get headaches so I alternate with Teavana tea and a shot of Matcha. Nevertheless, I gotta have this every other day, if not everyday to wake up...heck sometimes it's hard to even place my order for my coffee without having had my I digress.

*As of Tuesday, March 14, 2017, I no longer drink, endorse, shout out, or post about Starbucks. They are not a nice company. No matter how many letter of intent to hire "immigrants" they post they are racist!*

3. Overlook The City | Only on Monday's to get my week started, I started going to a place in the city to take about 10 minutes before I head into the office to have prayer. I go to a place where I can see the entire downtown KC skyline and I pray there. I meditate on what my tasks are for the week, how to be a better leader. I pray that I'm positioned to be a better influencer, and that my territory is increased beyond the skyline. This makes me feel like I can take on the city, and even more, lately I feel I can take on the world! I love Mondays now. 

I hope that this gives you a little insight into how I get my day and my week going. I hope that if you are feeling stuck, like I think we all can at times, you take one or all the pieces of my morning routine and make it your own

What is your morning routine? Do you exercise? Do yoga? Meditate? Walk? What is your routine and how does it help you create? Comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,


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