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Tuesday, June 02, 2015MsAvaBella

There's a running joke between me and 2 other artists: Kansas City is like ground hogs day. To add to that, there is literally 7 degrees of separation in Kansas City. Everyone knows everyone; there cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, Mamma, Daddy, Wife, Husband, you get my drift. Everyone. Does that take the awesomeness out of being an artist who entertains? At times-YES. I legit feel like I have met every MC, rapper (there is a difference), singer, engineer, producer, beat maker (again, there is a difference), promoter, talent buyer, faux A&R, most of the club/lounge owners, and all of the aforementioned's wives/girlfriends/respective side pieces, etc. I digress.

I get to the point when I am totally spent and completely over it. There is a bit of repetition that goes into the day to day life of a Kansas City MUSICpreneur. In any city, I'm sure it can happen. After a while, the monotony of being an indie artist while in your home town can be disheartening. It can put your mind in a place where it doesn't need to be; and your creativity starts to suffer. These are the 3 ways that I fight the repetition.


It doesn't really matter if I am booked for a gig, if I am working for a festival street team, or if I am attending blogger conventions/conferences. I find that when I take even just a 3 day break from my normal scenery in my home town, I am able to come back refreshed, with new ideas, topics to write about in my songs(or on the blog), and when I am in beast mode, a new client for Assilem Media Group. Sometimes, all it takes is fresh air and fresher perspective, but when that is not enough; go on and get out of dodge! For me that can be a quick trip to St. Louis or my second home, Chicago. It can also be a week in San Fran or LA. I love the air in these cities and I can't wait to return.

Try Something New

For me this often times means logging into a webinar, getting it in with some online classes, or online video training that tends to result in some new certificate to hang on the old office wall. Now, while to you that may seem hella boring; to me, if I can't "get out of dodge" and hit the road, I escape in my mind. My most recent certification was obtained from the SBA and guess what, it was FREE! All I had to do was open my laptop and prop a few pillows behind me in my bed to get going. I'm also super-tuned into YouTube tutorials. There is a video for just about anything: make up, the zillions of natural hair how-to videos, fashion hauls, but mostly, I love the geeky tech stuff! An excellent software tutorial channel to follow (my go-to) for the Microsoft suite and beyond is Simon Sez IT. I have, from this singular channel learned how to use two Microsoft programs, but again, they have more to offer. Again, don't forget look into other online learning alternatives. I've listed several in this post HERE.

Create Your Own Variety

After my first official year in KC performing my originals, the artist scene when it came to live music, had gotten a little stale. The music wasn't bad, I just felt like the artists trying to be great would get buried way down underneath all of the other people who think being an artist is a fad OR the folks who just muddied up everything anybody loved about live entertainment. The one thing that I learned working with The Anarchy Movement almost immediately is that you have to create what is missing. If you know what's missing from your scene - DO IT, MAKE IT, SAY IT! Never mind if people don't get it at first. I've seen a lot of great ways to approach live entertainment as an indie artist. I've seen a lot of horrible ways, too. Will everything work? No. Will your shows always be sold out. Highly unlikely (sorry to spoil it for you). However, if you use your creativity to inspire you. Really live inside of yourself. It will morph into something AMAZING...

Moral of the story is SWITCH IT UP! How do you break up your monotony? Let me know below in the comments.

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