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Of Course I'm Organized...Not! | #NaBloPoMo

Friday, January 02, 2015MsAvaBella

Now let me start by saying: I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I don't wanna kid myself or you. I am a mom, an artist, a business owner, a sister, and a daughter. As a matter of fact, I have enough of a time keeping my life straight due to the first 3 hats I I will share a few (like two ) of the resources I use to keep organized and some I have at least tried...

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Hello: I meet literally, a gagillion people on a daily basis it seems. I can't store their nicknames, the conversation we had, if it pertained to a client or to me, or to this here blog, but with the Hello app, I can. If you have ever used Evernote, these are the guys that make the hello app. Might I add that this allows me to reference what event, the persons name/business when I'm trying to recall it to memory. This app is amazing!

**Update: 6/2/2015 - To my great disappointment, Evernote no longer provides support for the Hello app, meaning, you can no longer download the app for any smart phone; le sigh...

Me getting a bit distracted when I visited the Bourgeois Pig in Chicago 

iPhone Reminders App: So I am an iPhone 6 Plus user. I would die without my phone, by the way. I would also probably perish without my iPhone Reminders App. Now I will have alternative I will hunt for and update this post for my my Windows or Android users. However you can simply use your calendar app or your alarm clock. Put your smartphone to use! Anyhoo, if  you are running on "AppleJuice" then this particular app is automatically on your home screen and allows you to enter events in by the day (you can label the days of the week). Now, the link actually takes you to a support page that will lead you in the direction of how to actually make the most of this app. Side note: use the alarm feature and if you use the alarm on your phone already, make it have a different confuses the hell outta me

I'll update this list often with new apps or sites that I find helpful. To be honest I have downloaded hundreds of apps on the laptop and on my iPhones over the last 2 years, but these are the two that I'm currently using and have been for the last year. Maybe you have some I need to try...

Let me know below.


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