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Dear Jermaine (@JColeNC)... [An open letter]

Thursday, December 11, 2014Ava Bella

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Dear Jermaine,

...Or can I call you J? Well, Mr. Cole, or Mr. J. Cole. I want to show proper respect to someone who has truly taken his platform and chosen to use it wisely by SAYIN' SOMETHING and truly bein' bout that life! 

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I wanna back track for a second and say I have watched the Dave Chappelle Block Party DVD countless times, but then one day you got signed... I just so happened to be watching it shortly after that; and I saw you. With that all too familiar gaze we (artists, MC's, poets, singers, etc.) get when we are completely overcome by experiencing those artists who are already "on", LIVE, and in person. I saw you with that gaze. We rewound and rewound until everyone of us in the tiny apartment I was sharing with two other fellow artists agreed; THAT's him (meaning you). I digress.

The thing that made me write to you was this word: RIVETING. Of course you know what that means. What you don't know is that I have not felt that way about an artist since seeing Ms Badu for the first time (and then, listening to Baduizm over and over until I broke my tape). Anymore, the word's use is not warranted by entertainers; that is until last night!

Did you know that your performance of "Be Free" on "Late Show With David Letterman" was just that? Riveting! On so many levels. Dude! I came across the article that Complex did with the video of the performance (hey, I'm a starving artist and do not have a TV at the moment and wifi don't work great in my hood...lol). I felt every word, your emotion, hell, my emotion, our pain, our plight, our story through your RIVETING performance. I felt it through the speakers when I heard "Crooked Smile". I get it, real recognize real, and furthermore, I RESPECT it! 

Honestly, I just really paused, to say, THANK YOU. Since you don't know me, that thanks is with tears welling up, because you don't have to write the way you do. Your visuals don't have to tell the stories they do. You don't have to create art, but you do. You don't have to take a stand; but you DO. For whatever your "why" is, I want to say it again; THANK YOU. You compel and encourage me to continue to write life, to tell real stories, to create art, to just "be" and to continue to carry myself in such a way to make people THINK. It's more than just unfortunate that we don't have a lot of that in our culture right now; Hip Hop, or otherwise. There's just a bunch of plastic pretenders who have imitated the look/the sound; but honestly they just continue to spew HOT GARBAGE. 

In essence, what I'm sayin' is: please continue on. Also, I salute you for the decision to be present in my home state, Missouri, with the recent happenings and injustices that have become the new normal in our country. Although, you stated that you didn't go to Ferguson with the purpose or intent to have a press run or do interviews, once again, your words were felt. Another thing you did not have to do, but you did. Your words have power and lend to the canvas that Hip Hop was intended to be. Long live THOUGHT MUSIC! Beyond that, my brother, don't stop moving your feet and please never be silent.

That is all for now J (are we cool yet?)



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