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#AvaOnTheGo: On The Road To #Chicago #Illinios

Wednesday, December 03, 2014Ava Bella

If you're ever catching the Megabus or just in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, say hello to Jessica at City Diner! The breakfast sandwiches are the truth! Coffee was on point, too!

So probably 3 days ago I found out about a blogger's convention in Silicon Valley. I was so excited, because I wanted to get there and connect with some folks and see what's poppin'. After the success I had partnering with app developers so far, I thought it would be cool to meet other developers and see how I could form relationships with them for my two babies, Assilem Media and AvaTheAnarchist.com, as well.

Megabus.com! The poor man's tour bus! I got VIP with them!! LOL

Well, like the wise folks say... If you want God to laugh tell him your plans. Although I am sad that I am not in the Silicon Valley typing this post, I am taking this opportunity to head up to my second home, Chicago, to check on clients, have a few power meetings and to see the film my song Millionaire is in, Will Adams' 'Sex Ain't Love'. I'll be posting the entire trip; video and pics, so be sure to follow along on IG, Facebook, and Twitter

BeatsMusic has been doin the most cuz they have the full UGK, Ridin' Dirty, along with, of course, Erykah Badu's Baduizm for the second leg of my journey!

First 20 minute stop was in Boonville at the Pilot, the only other stop was about 15 minutes at the McDonalds in Prairie Land Plaza! Of course I got my regular: cup of ice, 2 cookies(not 3 like in KC) for a $1, and a Bacon McDouble!

I'll keep you all updated along the way.

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About Ava...

Ava Bella is a singer, songwriter, and author originally from Kansas City, Missouri who has spent the last 3 years playing dates around the US alongside international acts like Morris Day & The Time, Estelle, and Luke James, Hip Hop artists like icon Masta Ace, DJ Marco Polo, The Knux, and GLC, as well as mentors @KCPL and James Christos(both of The Anarchy Movement). Now a touring musician and MUSICpreneur, she's also acted as a consultant to indie and unsigned artists and labels as CEO and founder of Assilem Music & Media Group, an advocate for minority female business owners as CEO and founder of Majestic Refuge Nonprofit, and self-proclaimed fashionista as owner of The K&A Boutique. Learn more about Ava here: AvaBellaMusic.com

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