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Tuesday, May 20, 2014MsAvaBella

The day was done Monday, and I couldn't stop reflecting on a brief conversation I had with a young lady this evening over an iced coffee at Starbucks...

We had in common that we both made the jump to move to LA from the Midwest last year. It was a way shorter trip than I hoped for and from our short interaction, I get hers was, too! 

I gave her a few words of encouragement that I'll share with you all as well..."when you've been given vision for your life, the provision will be made for you to see it to fruition". 

Earlier today, a friend(& fellow MUSICpreneur) shared the analogy with me of the game of football as it relates to life and being persistent in reaching goals: when a player is tackled and the pile up ensues, he keeps moving his feet. He never stops. Every yard counts, right?! If the player stops moving his feet, those missed steps could be the very 1 or 2 yards he would have needed to get to the WIN!

Moral of the story:

Push - even when your down! You never know how close you are to the touch down! 


This post is dedicated to young lady I've witnessed exemplify what it means to PUSH. Or, as we all like to say nowadays, HUSTLE. MizzNekol, your music has inspired me to tears when you perform. Your dedication runs way deeper and wider than the average independent artist claimin' they 'bout this life.

My hat is off to you for doing all you've done and continue to do as an artist, a mom, a sibling, a daughter, and a vessel telling the world your story through music! I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve the loss of your mother. I can not begin to imagine how heavy your heart must be. It's just proves how amazing you are that you are taking the journey and pouring into your art, once again! But, hey, that's a REAL ARTIST! People can't do nothin' but respect you, because as you say, "the grind is real".




To every other artist reading this...


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