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Wednesday, April 16, 2014Ava Bella

It's been 7 years since the Bay Area transplant has had an original studio release. Not saying that we haven't seen or heard from him in that time, but I definitely have to say it the release is a bit overdue. Not just because this, studio release number seven for him is the first since 2009, but because their's a void this album fills in his current city's Hip Hop scene; Kansas City, MO. 

While he's had a hand in a number of urban shows in the region including Soul Food Fest, Black Expo, and of course his company, The Anarchy Movement's marquee event, Guerilla Fest, he has also been busy with the management of other artists over the last few years, artist and label consulting, talent buying national and regional act shows at numerous venues throughout the country with Anarchy Movement. Still and all, I think he's gotten back to the one thing that matters most: MUSIC.

We all got an opportunity to see him on the KC CYPHER SERIES, and well, we have to say that his tongue was unbridled and the MUZZLE WAS OFF! Really, I personally watched this VIDEO over and over, just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard and that he said what I thought he said. I digress. This album picks up exactly where he left off with that appearance! Overall, the EP is cohesive across the board- lyrically, in theme, and definitely sonically. There aren't tons of features on the project, just one, with 7even Foot of MidRange Music on 'Kansas City Bluez' Pt. 1 where he paints a vivid picture of the city for listeners to truly connect with the current climate and culture. I'm definitely looking forward to part 2.

Most likely the favorite on the EP will be 'Swahili'. This is the climax of the project where either he's addressing Hip Hop, African Americans as a whole or both. Either way he touches on real topics of lack of community leadership, peoples belief that success has to be tied to the Illuminati, the Kanye point of view(or rants-whichever you prefer), and what actions need to be taken for advancement.

We've seen other MC's unsuccessfully try to blend multiple genres. However it's always seemed, for James Christos, he's never had any issue with this. He's able to intelligently pull from his East Palo Alto roots, pour a little Kansas City sauce on it, and mash! With each project, Christos pushes the envelope, exhibits originality, brilliance even, in the execution of 'pure. sonic. vandalism.' music as one writer said in regards to 'Gimme My Cash' which serves as a bonus track on 'PHARAOH: Seeking The Crown' a single release a few months back. In just about 20 minutes, James Christos brings his fans, and those soon to be, a good healthy dose of bars, original beat production, and definitely a break from the norm. If he's looking to break out of the indie/underground, this is how you do it! Welcome to MAINSTREAM INDIE FOLKS!

Album Art

Track Listing

1. Pharaoh: Seeking The Crown Intro

2. Merlot II

3. Kansas City Bluez ft. 7even Foot

4. Swahili

5. Crown Of Gold

6. Pharaoh: Seeking The Crown Outro

7. Gimme My Cash(G.M.C) Bonus

James Christos in 64111 Studios' KC Cypher Series Photo Cred: 64111Studios

James Christos

WEB: iamJamesChristos.com

BandCamp: JamesChristos.BandCamp.com

Youtube: AnarchyTV

Twitter: @JamesChristos

Google Play: James Christos

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