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AvaBella's Not So Random Thoughts || The Winding Bumpy Road To Success

Tuesday, April 29, 2014Ava Bella

I just wanted to stop give a word of encouragement to my fellow "indies". As I approach my birthday every year I start my reflection and evaluation process-where I am vs. where I wanted to be. I'm not just talking about creatively. I mean across the board. Gonna get a little transparent with you guys; I hope you don't mind...

My reflection of personal goals look a little something like this:

  • be a better person to the universe,
  • be a better friend and water my friendships,
  • be a better family member, and
  • be better at my creative contributions.

As you may very well know, on the quest to greatness we can pour everything in our beings into our art and those 4 simple tasks can be extremely difficult to accomplish. The personal path that I follow allows for spending a lot of time in reflection on what it is I'm actually accomplishing. I always zero in on whether my actions line up with those beliefs. It doesn't happen all the time and I seriously can not wait for my very own VH1 'Behind The Music' or my Lifetime biopic. The ratings should be epic once the word gets around...lol. I spoke a little bit about making changes in the last few years personally and professionally in my last post. I've been able to make a couple of healthy decisions here recently...

I don't worry about religion or traditions. I don't worry about earthly people who are interpreting life and living the same way that I try to. I don't try to impose my beliefs on others. I'm too busy trying to get me right. Besides, that's a lot of energy to expel on a whole other person. Like I said in my previous post- "The indie artist road is a winding, bumpy, roller coaster with potholes, and hella unexpected pit stops".  It just is. I really don't have anyway to sugar coat that fact. So, if you're just starting out and you think all you have to do is create; this ain't the blog you should be reading. You should go be a comedian cuz your funny(sarcasm). However, if you do know that it's a hard road, you've been ridin' a minute and you're a little fatigued: YOU ARE NOT ALONE(in my MJ voice)!

The only thing in this life that is for sure is death. Nothing else. Just know that whatever comes your way along the path to your personal discovery and greatness- YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. Here's the key to life. Look inward, before you look outward for help. Don't expect people to see your vision instantly. For goodness sake; it's YOUR vision! It's specific to you. It's up to you to distribute that ish, bottle it up, and sell it to the masses! Shut out all the negativity and distractions and execute. Guess what, you're gonna have to this over and over and over and on multiple levels(most likely) before you find your success. Not sure who said it first, but, "You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it". Whoever the person is probably learned it the hard way. So have I and most likely you have, too. But I also know the most hellish battles are given to those that can persevere because they are soldiers.

So don't give up and don't fold my friend! You're almost there...

...Mount up & ride out!


About Ava...

Ava Bella is a singer, songwriter, and author originally from Kansas City, Missouri who has spent the last 3 years playing dates around the US alongside international acts like Morris Day & The Time, Estelle, and Luke James, Hip Hop artists like icon Masta Ace, DJ Marco Polo, The Knux, and GLC, as well as mentors @KCPL and James Christos(both of The Anarchy Movement). Now a touring musician and MUSICpreneur, she's also acted as a consultant to indie and unsigned artists and labels as CEO and founder of Assilem Music & Media Group, an advocate for minority female business owners as CEO and founder of Majestic Refuge Nonprofit, and self-proclaimed fashionista as owner of The K&A Boutique. 

Learn more about Ava here: AvaBellaMusic.com

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