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#MusicMonday: Featured Artist #VideoOfTheWeek by Joe & Box [@Joe_Box]: "Boogieman and Weasel"

Monday, March 10, 2014MsAvaBella

Joe & Box are a Hip Hop duo out of the New Jersey/New York City area. "We are a pair of goofy best friends who lead the Swine movement and live by the phrase Fuck Being Ordinary", says the crew. When you ask who their artistry is influenced by, they name greats like, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, and Eminem. They say, "We take pride in our technical lyrical skill, our content, and our song making ability. In the end, we just want to give the world something real".

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About Joe & Box

Joe and Box became best friends at age 12. They were never considered "cool" by the kids in school and by age 15, they found themselves spending most of their time smoking weed in Box's basement. Always huge fans of Hip Hop, they began to cure their boredom by free-styling and writing verses to popular Hip Hop beats. By age 17, Joe and Box decided that it was time to take rap serious and to chase the dream. They released 3 mixtapes under the name GMTA, which gave them some local popularity. 

Joe & Box refer to themselves, their friends, and their fans as 'The Swines'

The Swines & Inspiration

They recently decided to change their name to Joe & Box and started building their brand. They refer to themselves, their friends, and their fans as The Swines; a group of open-minded, unique individuals who live by the phrase “Fuck Being Ordinary”. The Swine logo is a flying pig used to represent accomplishing the impossible (when pigs fly). The Swine ideals are found throughout Joe & Box’s music as they rap about things like refusing to be ignorant, refusing to conform, and never growing up. They also rap about Box’s older brother Justin (Jskii) who got Joe & box into rapping. He overdosed on heroin in 2011, and the pain of that loss is evident in their music and is also the reason they refuse to do anything besides drink and smoke weed. Joe & Box’s music is not always serious though. They have many songs in which they joke about things like escapades with other people’s moms(these guys are off the chain), partying with their friends, and smoking weed. They like to refer to themselves as the Hip Hop version of other famous duos (i.e. Hip Hop’s Bert and Ernie). They also make sure to have well thought out lyrics for the real Hip Hop heads, so their songs are filled with metaphors, punch lines, double entendre, etc. 

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Since they changed their name to Joe & Box, they have released countless tracks and 3 mixtapes: 
  • We Just Fucked Your Beat Vol.1, 
  • We Just Fucked Your Beat Vol.2, and 
  • We Just Fucked Your Beat Vol.3. 
They say they are never going to stop chasing the dream, so stay tuned!

"Boogieman and Weasel" on SoundCloud

AvaTheAnarchist.com Featured Artist #VideoOfTheWeek: "Boogieman and Weasel"

Video directed by: [Joe's cousin] Brian Stone
Song produced by: DJ Crockpot  (@YUNGCROCK)

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Photo Credit: Brian Stone

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