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KC Cypher Series Season 2: Episode 5 WITH EXCLUSIVE | #InThesesSKCreets

Wednesday, March 19, 2014Ava Bella got the exclusive all access pass on Season 2, Episode 5 of the KC Cypher Series! We were the only media outlet on hand documenting this monumental occasion. 

Setting: Riot Room

Time of Day: Afternoon... into early evening

Feeling: It felt like real Hip Hop...

After the first season of KC Cypher Series we can all agree, Kansas City gets a little more and more excited with each episode. On this episode, I saw Hip Hop royalty, blended with a little bit of newcomer, blended with lyrical finesse, with a splash a swag, and all out hunger! As expected, I saw Ubi of Ces Cru doodle as he sat in the Riot Room. As my eyes scanned the room some more, Broadway Joe chatted throughout the afternoon with his partner in rhyme, Bucc$(of Bucc$ & Broadway - who was on the scene doubling as a self-proclaimed "roadie"). I panned a bit more and saw Abnorm(of Yawn Johnson-Shameless) work the room and add the laughter element as he photo bombed numerous times(as expected-I don't mind). Then finally, Hip Hop royalty in the form of James Christos(aka Pharaoh-of The Anarchy Movement), Approach(of Datura Records), and Taha(of Heet Mob & Basement Khemists), shared a corner of the room where murmurs and conversations of new projects, upcoming events for their respective crews, and "remember that time when..." was followed by an air of respect that I have personally missed from my hometown's Hip Hop Community. As DJ Hylanda was on the sounds, the Info Gates production floated through the atmosphere. I felt truly blessed to have a front row seat and take part in this historical moment.

Just like me, whether you're a Hip Hop head or you "waitin' on Jaz to hit a nigga up(or someone from your click)", there's a bit of a buzz throughout the city, and of course KC Twitter, when that trailer drops. I couldn't wait to hear what the most memorable bars would be...

I can say without a doubt...

...This is one for the history books!!! Salute gentlemen!

Comment below with your thoughts on who smashed it???

The Abnorm[Yawn Jawnson | Shameless@TheAbnorm on Twitter 

Jaz of  64111 Studio Add him on Google+ here: +64111 Studio 

Taha(of Heet Mob Records/Basement Khemists) & @Approach1(of Datura Records)

Taha[of Heet Mob Records/Basement Khemists]

Ubiquitous of @CesCru[@StrangeMusicInc]

Broadway Joe[Bucc$ & Broadway/True Spittaz Click - @TSC4Life]

@JamesDConqueror[The Anarchy Movement -@AnarchyMovement] & Broadway Joe

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