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Very Clever Kanye: 'Red October' Nike's Sell Out On Nike.com in Minutes

Wednesday, February 12, 2014Ava Bella

Very clever Kanye...

Kanye West's 'Red October' Nikes sold out in minutes.

So yesterday with no warning, "the hunt" began for Kanye's "Red October" Nike's. That's right, within minutes, the should were sold out out on Nike.com without folks even knowing the shoe was releasing yesterday. I guess Ye really does influence people to get out and buy. Of course we learned just how much influence he had with the ebay sales that followed.We're hearing almost immediately after that, one ebay auction went all the way up to $16.4 million and some of the shoes can be purchased at the "Buy It Now Price" of $10,000.

Kanye told us back in December he was working on a women's, men's, and 20 shoes with Adidas.

You might also remember that Kanye actually doesn't even work with Nike anymore. He actually talked about his venture with Adidas a few months back in December, saying, "It was one of the greatest creative days of my life. We designed the entire women's collection. We designed the entire men's collection. And we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September and it’s about to be a paradigm shift." He went on to say in the same interview with his hometown Chicago's Morning Riot, "The black dollar is worth $863 billion right now. It's gonna be worth $1.1 trillion by 2015. In the same way how, if Louis Vuitton wants to attack the Asian market, they might get an Asian designer. I believe that they need an African-American representative, and I'll be very fine to go ahead and step into those shoes." Later in the interview, Ye did mention that he was "taking a meeting with Luis Vuitton". Now I'm not sure if the "blow up" on the Sway Morning Show was as a result of that meeting not going so well. You might remember the clip that was all over the internet which even went so far as Sway "I got the answers" tees. All I know is, if Kanye puts his name on it black dollars(and dollars period) will be spent. Can't wait to more from the Adidas line.


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