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Featured Artist #VideoOfTheWeek "Fast Life" by @TTFGEnt (The Triple FGang)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014MsAvaBella

This young, ambitious hip-hop group from the urban areas of Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL., prove very versatile with their range of musical talent. A very unique sound to these guys. They released a much anticipated Mixtape titled "TTFG" this time last year and gained a tremendous amount of popularity in their surrounding cities. 

Ray, AG, & Spade

Before they all left for college, they released their first iTunes single, "Fast Life" off of their EP Take.Time.For.Glory. They've attained national attention blazing shows in Illinois, Nebraska, and California, as well as in their own local cities. 

"(T)his (T)ape (F)ucking (G)o"

They have announced the release of their upcoming Mixtape,  "(T)his (T)ape (F)ucking (G)o", to be released in February. Be on the lookout for TTFG to make big moves in hip hop in 2014!

Take a look at this week's featured artist #VideoOfTheWeek "Fast Life" from TTFG

Update: 6/2/2015 This video has since been removed by the powers that be...Darn it!!

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Facebook: TTFG.ENT

Youtube: TheTripleFGang

edited: http://www.twitter.com/Agame_itsez 

SoundCloud: thetriplefgang-ttfg

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