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Featured Artist #SoundOfTheWeek by @JamesChristos "#GMC (Gimme My Cash)"

Wednesday, January 08, 2014Ava Bella

We have seen the MCEO of Hip Hop, James Christos, on the #AvaTheAnarchsit Blogazine a few times before to talk about his company The Anarchy Movement and the various power moves he makes. This time he brings us a dose of what he calls, "Pure, Raw, Uncut, Sonic Vandalism".

You can also get a closer glimpse of the MCEO's world on his blog: iamjameschristos.blogspot.com

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He is the enigmatic demagogue of this generation. The driving rhythms of his music, fierce cadence of his delivery,and electrifying stage show are reminiscent of a pastor preaching a fiery sermon. With the conviction of Tupac, lyricism of the likes of Nas and aggression of his Punk Hop style; James Christos has carved his own niche in the ever evolving genre of Hip Hop. Ensuring his place among legends.

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We're are pleased to present the MCEO himself, 
James Christos', song as the #SoundOfTheWeek: G.M.C. (Gimme MyCash)


Update 6/2/2015 This soundcloud link has since been removed by the powers that be...Darn it!!!

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Twitter: @JamesChristos

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