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2014 Fashion.Style.Spotlight w/ LB Styling & LB Glam's Team Luis and Brayan! (@beauty_byLB)

Monday, January 20, 2014Ava Bella

"...we are focused on exploiting our talents and reaching our goals"

LB Styling and LB Glam having been making creative contributions to the arts, fashion, and entertainment industries in the Midwest and beyond!

Luis and Brayan have been focused on bringing you beauty, glam, and accessories for the last two years. Their work has been featured in a numerous media outlets including print, as well as fashion showings and styling shoots. They provide everything from hair to makeup, to accessories! 

LB Styling and LB Glam recently showed during Chicago Latino Fashion Week 2013! We had a chance, recently to chat with them about what's next for them, fashion, and even talked a little about a few of their favorite things...

#AvaTheAnarchist: For our readers who may not know, can you share the name of your company and how long you have been working together?

Luis and Brayan: We have two companies LB Styling and LB Glam and we been working together for the last two years.

"one determines and the other executes"

AB: Is there a certain rhythm or creative chemistry that you all have grown into working with one another, or has it just always been that way?

LB Styling and Glam: Ever since we met, we noticed that our vision in beauty as well as our creativity was similar, at times one determines and the other executes, but then it always switches.

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AB: That creative chemistry is so important! We're fans her at #AvaTheAnarchist and so looking forward to seeing your new LB GLAM Collection in Kansas City Fashion Week in March. Can you tell us more about the key elements of the collection?

LB Styling and Glam: The key elements are staying focused and determined. We are making sure to produce feminine, sexy, and strong pieces. The physical elements would be lost of crystals, lace, wire, wood and hardware used in fabulous ways.

AB: Let's talk about Chicago! I love Chitown's culture across the board and the way they embrace art, fashion, and music! What is your most memorable moment from Chicago Latino Fashion Week?

LB Styling and Glam: Our most memorable moment was meeting a local news anchor who modeled one of the pieces. She loved the piece so much she had to purchase it on the spot! Also, being recognized as a strong, Latino designer; and the great review bloggers have given us... too many memorable moments!

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AB: Now lets talk about fashion in the now! What trends can we be on the lookout for in Spring/Summer 2014? Will we be seeing metal, jewels, wood, or a combination?

LB Styling and Glam: Our spring collection uses a lot of metals and fringes, as it's inspired by all cultures it's called the Anthropology collection.

AB: That sounds fab! I can't wait! Now we've been seen vegan leather all over the place this Fall and Winter, and it's been totally awesome; do you think we will we continue to see the trend in lighter weights or variations in  the Spring and Summer months?

LB Styling and Glam: We love leather accents! We believe that leather will transition into spring but more as an accent to wardrobe, in the details, and smaller pieces.

AB: I gotta ask! What is your absolute.favorite.can't live without it.must have product?

Joico Power Fast-Dry Finishing Spray 

Luis: I'm going to cheat! I have two! My MAC lip conditioner and Joico Hair Spray. 

Brayan: D& G Light Blue Cologne 

MAC Lip Conditioner

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

AB: As you all know we share a lot of tips for creative artists and business owners. Can you share with our readers a word of advice about working creatively in the industry?

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LB Styling and Glam: always stay true to your self, and be a leader, stand by everything you do and and never, never, give up. 
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Luis and Brayan's LB Styling and LB Glam have been making creative and artistic contributions to the arts, fashion, and entertainment industry in the Midwest and beyond! I feel like I'm even more ready to jump into Spring and Summer this year! We're gonna chat with LB Styling and LB Glam again in late Spring for KC Fashion Week where their new LB Glam Collection Anthropology will be featured

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