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Nsane Eems(@TheOnlyEems) Drops New Album Small Dreems.

Friday, December 13, 2013MsAvaBella

The newest project by +Nsane Eems: Small Dreems Download here.

We first heard from early this year with the release of his single 'Finest'. Check that out here. Now he is back with his most recent release: "Small Dreems".

We caught up with Nsane Eems to chat about what's next for the Dork Squad, his affiliation with The Anarchy Movement, his multi-media company Blur Media Group, and of course, THE MUSIC! 

Here's how it all went down...

#AvaTheAnarchist: What can you tell us about your newest project?

Eems: Small Dreems is my first full project in about a year and a half, nothing but emotion, and possibly the last album...

#AvaTheAnarchist: Wait.Whaaaaaat? Why?

Eems: I've put a lot of work into that one. I've never been more confident about a single thing ever in my life, and also I've got other business ventures-so for the next two years at least thats it solo wise.

#AvaTheAnarchist: ok... can you share with us a little bit about those business ventures?

Eems: Oh yea. Well we have what's called the Blur Network coming. Basically, me and Diddy had similar ideas (Revolt) he just beat me to the punch.

#AvaTheAnarchist: Wow, so a television network? Awesome sauce...

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Eems: Essentially, we are the one stop shop for everything an artist will ever need on the physical side (cd duplication, graphic, studio, etc.) along side that we are launching the youtube network, which will consist of different shows-all shot by Blur Media Group.

#AvaTheAnarchist: Any shows in development currently that we can get excited about?

Eeems: A few... B.A.R.S. (Broke Ass Rappers) which is a "How to" show about (as an artist) doing everything yourself on a budget. Also, we have Illnation, radio app and video blog, showcasing real underground independent artist. Thats just to name a few...

#AvaTheAnarchist: I think this is something that our readers will totally be excited about. I especially love the name of the show-B.A.R.S. Anything else on the horizon for Blur Media?

Eems: Doing a crap load of traveling with my small team "dorksquad" and releasing a few videos. We're letting the supporters decide which one they wanna see from the album, but we putting money aside for something major in 2014. When we started Blur Media Group we created a force and changed the music video game in KC. We got an idea thats gone make Blur the only option. So yea... small, incognito team, but we got a major plan.

#AvaTheAnarchist: And can you also share with your readers who may not be familiar, your affiliation with The Anarchy Movement? How is that you all came to be connected?

Eems: Anarchy is the company who put me in a power position to see how the music business of Kansas City really moves. I started out coming to the open mics and jus ran with them from there. They doing major things in the city for sure!

#AvaTheAnarchist: We totally agree! Anything else you'd like to share with our readers before we let you get back to the business of music?

Eems: Naw... just keep life simple, don't over think the situation, and just be you. #dorksquad lol

Check out "Don't Go" video below.

Here is the first video for Eems' single
from Small Dreems: Don't Go

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