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Featured Artist #SoundOfTheWeek "We Outta Here" by @SpacedOutJuven

Thursday, September 05, 2013MsAvaBella

Juven definitely brings a new and refreshing sound back to Hip-Hop. There was a time when anyone could listen to this genre of music. It was clean and pure. You were able to enjoy the sound of Hip-Hop without any censorship. Rakim is a prime example. Any age range could enjoy the album, "Paid In Full." Although Juven has a completely different style than Rakim, his passion and distinct flow similarly capture the soul and purity of real Hip-Hop.

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The game is over-saturated with hobbyists. Most artists now record in their home studio. However, there is a key element missing in today’s music. The lack of quality is equivalent to the amount of music that comes out every year. Juven invests every dime he has in professional studios. Production quality can augment listener-ship, but it is also the cadence, structure, and lyrics that create a true fan. It's an understatement to say that Juven has fans. There are over four thousand true followers on Twitter that support his music. Dozens of music blogs have hosted his songs from his album, “Space Trademark: The Sessions.” He has built relationships with popular disc jockeys, DJ Green Lantern, DJ Thomas Handsome, and DJ Sense, to name a few.Here is your  #SoundOfTheWeek "We Outta Here."


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Real.Good.Music. #Salute

SONG INSTRUCTIONS: Zone out, turn up the volume, and #TurnUp!

#SoundOfTheWeek "We Outta Here"

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