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Tuesday, August 27, 2013MsAvaBella

Phillip “NSANE Eems” Jackson was born October 29th 1990. With difficulty in health as a child, it was known at an early age that he would go on to do great things in his life. Eems grew up in the church, picking up on every aspect of music he could from drums, to piano, to singing. This is where he developed his many musical talents.


As a sophomore in high school, Eems began to rap, due to the lack of paying clients for his unique production style. He quotes “I had all these beats just sitting around that no one wanted, so I decided to rap on them”. His lyrics were witty and just right to the point of who he was and still is until this day, a dorky, chess playing, band geek, regular guy.

Connect with Eems on Facebook here: TheOnlyEems

Eems has complete control of his art from production, engineering, harmonies, videography, and graphics. “I was too broke to pay anyone else for do it for me, so I learned EVERYTHING myself” he quotes. His style is a completely true to him being who he is and not conforming to the “typical rapper” stereotypes. His hooks will instantly grab you and you will find yourself throughout your day humming one of his many melodies. One thing is for sure – Eems is simply…Eems

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 His EP is NOW available here at: BlurMediaGroup.com


"The Finest" (Official Music Video)

I love this joint.

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