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Featured Artist of The Month: @KingForestIII | AUGUST 2013

Thursday, August 01, 2013MsAvaBella

Take a listen to the #SoundOfTheWeek

Akashic Recordings' newest offering is the project CairoGlyphs!

This weeks sound is by producer and emcee, Ryan "Young Forest" Forest featuring Liz Marie entitled, "Faded".


Be sure to #Follow @KingForestIII on Twitter and Akashic Recordings on SoundCloud!

I'm always glad to hear great new music comin' out of the MidWest! It's not only refreshing, but its lettin' everybody WORLDWIDE know WE'RE A FACTOR! #Salute

I'll be catching up with Young Forest in July for a #SitDown about all the great music coming out of Akashic Recordings this summer!!

Until then, turn this up, get ready to dance, and press repeat...

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