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Featured Artist of The Month @JamesChristos | July 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013Ava Bella

James Christos is the enigmatic demagogue of this generation. The driving rhythms of his music, fierce cadence of his delivery, and electrifying stage show are reminiscent of a pastor preaching a fiery sermon. With the conviction of Tupac, lyricism of the likes of Nas, and aggression of his Punk Hop style; Christos has carved his own niche in the ever evolving genre of Hip Hop. Ensuring his place among legends. 

Introducing to some, the MCEO of Hip Hop: James Christos! 

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SONG INSTRUCTIONS: Download, roll down all the windows, AND TURN UP!

#SoundOfTheWeek "Merlot (Turn Up)"

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SoundCloud: James Christos

FaceBook: JamesChristosMCEO

Real.Good.Music. #Salute

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