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Featured Artist of The Month @MikeJuneyer | June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013MsAvaBella

Mike James Jr. is an emerging singer/songwriter/producer hailing from Kansas City, Kansas. His debut album is entitled "SoWeDream" which is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.com. One word to describe this album? Smooth. From the first song to the last song, smooth is the consistent theme and can played with no skips. 'SoWeDream' is an ode to traditional 90's r&b with rich harmonies and meaningful content, delivered with precision. He sings scenarios into existence, following true life dialogue while depicting the happiness and hardship of love to our ears. It is rare and it is pure R&B music, the way it was meant to be.

This weeks sound is by Mike James Jr., entitled, "Show.Out".

iTunes: "So We Dream"

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Twitter: @MikeJuneyer

SoundCloud: Mike Juneyer

iTunes: "So We Dream"

His voice is silky! The music is infectious!

Two words: Radio Ready! Instant Hit! (Ok, that was 4) #Salute

I'm looking forward to hearing more from Mike; I know you are too!!

SONG INSTRUCTIONS: Turn off the lights, grab a glass of wine, turn this up...

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