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Featured Artist of The Month: @BrooksOfMHS | JUNE 2013

Saturday, June 01, 2013MsAvaBella

Rapper/Songwriter/Producer, @BrooksOfMHS, absolutely possesses both confidence and charisma, but those are just two of his qualities. At just eighteen, he began constructing his home recording studio inspired by a Roland keyboard given to him by a few family members’ combined  efforts. Determination being another quality possessed by Brooks, he began developing his catalog immediately offering the worlds’ palette a wide-array of ground-breaking music and new ideas!

Now this  record is most def a nu Hip Hop Classic! The sound and everything about this song is "fresh as hell"!

Be sure to check out his most recent record, "Like That"
For now, this is one that I keep on repeat......check out "The Fresh The Cool (Addicted to The Stage)"

Follow Brooks on...
Google+: +Sausha Brooks
Twitter: @BrooksOfMHS

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